The Hatchfund continues the work of USA Projects

In 2013, United States Artists transferred the operation of USA Projects to AIM of Omaha, Nebraska, a not-for-profit social enterprise. Our micro-philanthropy site is now named AIM Hatchfund ( and our Hatchfund team continues to work in the Los Angeles area. Hatchfund's platform remains the place where accomplished artists post new creative projects while their supporters work together to help fund each campaign. Benefits to artists include :

  • FREE for artists–donors pay the costs of operating the platform.
  • 75% of our artists raise the money they need.
  • Exclusive Match Funds that potentially double the impact of donor gifts.
  • Educational tools and resources available anytime.
  • A dedicated project manager throughout the entire campaign.
  • All donations made through Hatchfund are tax-deductible–helping to encourage and leverage more donations.

To discuss launching a project with me, please call 877-893-0587 or email me at