Between the Seas festival started on Monday! New York

Hotel Mediterranee


Monday 7/21 at 8pm 
Hotel Mediterranee, by Nadia Foskolou, Greece/USA, world premiere

Based on Matisse’s Self Portrait by playwright Charles Mee and the Greek film documentary Yiannis Moralis by Stelios Charalambopoulos, Hôtel Méditerranéeis a collage between live performance and video. This devised piece follows the lives of two renowned painters—a fictional Henri Matisse and the real Yiannis Moralis. By interrogating the negotiation between the everyday burden of making a livelihood and the creative process, Hôtel Méditerranée explores the angsts and pleasures behind all great creativity and behind all human existence. TICKETS

Juan Antonio Simarro

Tuesday 7/22 at 7pm 
Music at Drom (85 Avenue A) 
Juan Antonio Simarro (Spain)

Spain – born Juan Antonio Simarro is a composer and musical producer for film, theatre and television. After the release of his first solo self –titled album, the artist is focusing in the promotion and worldwide spread of the 11 pieces for piano, violin, viola, violoncello, upright bass and ukulele contained in this magnificent work. In film, his work includes collaborations in the original soundtrack and musical production of Diamantes Negros. TICKETS

Tuesday 7/22 at 8pm: 
What dreams may come by Nejla Yatkin Turkey/US, preview 
presented with: 
ARAGOSTA by Asmed/Balletto di Sardegna, Italy, world premiere

What dreams may come explores the spaces in between categories of oppression, freedom, identity and anonymity through movement and stillness, light and darkness. Similar to Nejla's choreography which shows mastery of Western Contemporary practices while incorporating traditional Turkish dance elements Saygun's and Ince’s works show a mastery of Western musical practice, while also incorporating traditional Turkish musical elements.

With ARAGOSTA, ASMED Balletto di Sardegna carries on its exploration the great non-conformist Italian stylist of the thirties Elsa Schiaparelli, in a new World Premiere production. This time, the reflection takes shape with surprising concepts and abstract expression codes. The new choreography stems from that unstoppable pulse to create and express oneself at all costs and despite everything; in spite of the imposed cultural roles, the crushing social conventions and the timeless conflict between the natural and social being.TICKETS

The Sacred Way

Wednesday 7/23 at 8pm 
The Sacred Way: protagonist and hero? by Unguarded collective, Croatia/Italy/Greece/NY 
presented with: 
Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing Facts, Light and Darkness 
by Mica Dvir, Israel.

Inspired by the story of Varis Miahel, a ten year-old child from Afghanistan who traveled alone to Greece, the first border of the European Union The Sacred Way: Protagonist and Hero? asks us to consider the refugee's journey. The Sacred Way uses performance to address issues of security for refugees/immigrants and chronicles their journeys for survival. The Sacred Way asks: How visible are immigrants in our daily lives? What are the assumptions when we look at them? How often do we recognize their human difficulties until they reach their destination? What and where is a better life?

Shameful Occurences, Disturbing Facts, Light and Darkness is an interdisciplinary one-woman show, that combines theater, video and performance art to deal with the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories of the West Bank. The work brings up criticism towards Israel regarding its progression within these territories and self-criticism regarding the performer's personal passivity towards the occupation. TICKETS


Thursday 7/24 at 7pm 
Aragosta by Asmed/Balletto di Sardegnapresented with 
I Am by Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris, Bosnia/NY

(For Aragosta see above for description)

With strength and emotional complexity played out to gritty, percussive yet ambiguous sounds created by Paul Matthis in collaboration with Mesihovic I am__ brings us face to face with the surreal and raw nature of our existence where we can only but once again be astonished with the Inconceivability of our reality. TICKETS

Thursday 7/24 at 9pm 
The Sacred Way and Shameful Occurrences, Disturbing Facts, Light and Darkness (see above for descriptions TICKETS

Nejla Yatkin

Friday 7/25 at 8pm: 
What dreams may come by Nejla Yatkin (see above for description) co-presented with: 
Dissonance by Mersiha Mesihovic/Circuit Debris 
Bosnia, world premiere

Dissonance explores a perverse position: that the sense of despair Mesihovic associates with her native Bosnia and Herzegovina is fertile ground for the extreme joy expressed in the region’s art. The work express the relationship between despair and joy and the contradictions of being human. It is loaded with sad, amusing and shocking events that challenge our values and questions our perception of what is normal. TICKETS

Jeton Neziraj

Saturday, 7/26 at 2pm 
Stage reading: One flew over the Kosovo theater, by J. Neziraj(Kosovo). Dir. by D. Howe. 
Following a sudden visit from a state secretary, actors from the National Theatre of Kosovo, haunted by existential worries, stop their rehearsals of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot” in order to work on a new national drama. A comedy about the new Kosovo, which is exhausted and ravaged by the war, poverty, corruption and the unending tutelage of international missions, and is trying to find its own way toward the future… 
FREE Part of 4×4: NYC meets the Med reading series.$5 donation suggested.

Saturday, 7/26 at 6pm 
Stage reading: The Price by L. Kitsopoulou and A Chance Encounter,by M. Al Attar (Syria). Dir. by Noelle Ghoussaini.

The Price is a short play by one of Greece's most provocative women playwrights, set in a world of extreme austerity where absolutely everything has its price. In A Chance Encounter, a young Syrian activist confronts an older businessman on the Beirut corniche in what turns to be a class of generations, politics, worldviews. 
FREE Part of 4×4: NYC meets the Med reading series. $5 donation suggested.

Saturday, 7/26 at 8.30pm 
Hotel Mediterranee (see above for show description)  TICKETS

Esteve Soler

Sunday 7/27 at 3pm: The Against Trilogy by E. Soler (Catalonia) dir. by T. Woodard and A. Margineanu 
3pm: Against Progress 
4pm: Against Democracy 
5pm: Against Love 
“A trilogy-mirror that reflects the monstrosities and sinister contradictions of the times we live in.” The acclaimed trilogy that has toured across Europe will be presented for the first time in its entirety in a new translation by H. Gardner. 
FREE Part of 4×4: NYC meets the Medreading series. $5 donation suggested.

Sunday 7/27 at 8.30pm: 
What dreams may come by N. Yatkin/ Dissonance by M. Mersihovic/Circuit Debris (see above for show descriptions) TICKETS

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