Theatre & Social Engagement


TWB has compiled this list of links to various Socially Engaged Performance projects. 

Please explore these links to learn more and to connect yourself to the Theatre & Social Engagement community:


DNA WORKS is dedicated to furthering artistic expression and dialogue, focusing on issues of identity, culture, class and heritage.

The H.E.A.T. Collective

Theatre For Personal and Social Change
Four Modalities: Healing, Education, Activism, and Theatre.
Healing is derived from the fields of Drama Therapy and Psychodrama. We believe that theatre can be used as a tool of reflection and expression for both individuals and communities. Educational theatre allows us to reach out to a variety of students, both child and adult everyone continues learning. The bottomless curiosity of life allows us to expand beyond our physical borders and create a web of driven communities. As the globe continues to shrink and the physical boundaries between communities diminishes we are becoming aware of past, present and perhaps future injustices. We believe in endowing performing artists with the tools to constructively critique the systems they are both subject to and practitioners of. Activism plays a critical world in the human experience, and none should lose an opportunity to be active. As a reflection of the human experience, Theatre is a living art, a bright enigma and a shared experience. It encompasses multitudes, and is well fit for moving an audience towards progress.

CAMP The Creativity Accelerator Masterclass Project

Welcome to CAMP ! CAMP is a Facebook Group exploring performance and personal growth, created by Sumedh Chatterjee, with the support of Theatre Without Borders. This is a forum to actively engage theatre artists, practitioners and enthusiasts around the intersection of Theatre and Empowerment.  In an emerging and adaptive field, CAMP is a self-driven project founded by Sumedh Chatterjee – an artist and aspiring coach interested in the inter-related dynamics of authenticity, performance and self-improvement.