Call from a Palestinian Theatre

ASHTAR Theatre  is launching a campaign, Words for Gaza to support our people in Gaza. Please read the attachment and send us your messages at

Below is also a short statement from my colleague, initiator of the idea for this campaign.

“Dear world, when you turn on your TV and watch news and hear the word Gaza; listen carefully and pay more attention. The children of Gaza count, they are not just numbers of dead bodies; they are not numbers on news with no names, or no schools or families or dreams. But the biased news of the Israeli war machine makes them number. It’s time to realize that they are endless number of potential artists, doctors, lovers, scientists, and peace makers; yes peace makers!! if Israel didn't attack their schools, killed their dreams terrified their childhood, made them into orphans and put them to death at the age of innocence. The children of Gaza are no less than your own children. They are in need of a true stand and of your sincere understanding of their human rights and not just financial aid. What’s the point of aid if Israeli air raids destroy everything international aid builds in Gaza? They need you to ask your governments to stop supporting and

funding the Israeli war machine and to condemn the Israeli occupation and siege in the United Nations. Collective ethnic cleansing still happens in 2014 and may continue to happen…denial and ignoring the genocide makes you take part in it. It happens with the taxes you pay to your governments. Ask where is it spent? Think before you elect your representatives and your governments, strike and go on streets when your governments are biased to Israel. Think and use the power of your freedom of expression and democracy. You have it, act now…” Bayan Shbib

Iman Aoun

Artistic Director

Ashtar Theatre

Ramallah – Palestine