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Tambo International Art Camp

Pemba – Mozambique

16 July – 22 July 2012


7 days of unique possibilities to experience the multicultural art scene and traditions of Pemba – Mozambique

Together with local artists and from abroad you can participate in:

         ·            Workshops of dance, theatre, music, design and more

         ·             Visits to local art communities like the Mapiko dancers, Makonde art, the Arab influenced Tufo and Damba singing and more

         ·             Performances

         ·             The VII Tambo Festival ”Celebrating Cultural Diversity”

Participation, including food and camping: US$ 120,-

Mail: Please write to us your art forms of special interest.

Tambo Tambulani Tambo was funded in 1995 in Pemba to promote art throuh own productions, events and debates to improve the conditions for creating art.  / +258 82 44 06 530 / 82 66 13 400