“A Step into Tomorrow”        “ATiYF”

For its 20th Anniversary & post the global success of The Gaza Mono-Logues;

ASHTAR Theatre would like to invite you to participate at its International Youth Festival from 7 to 17 of July 2012. The Festival of performances and workshops will be held during a period of ten days in Ramallah. The Festival will bring students and young theatre people from around the world to join ASHTAR Theatre team and students to learn from each other and create a dynamic international event accessible to the people of the West Bank.

During the 10-days Camp-Fest we will have a program of performances representing a range of countries and cultures. The Camp-Fest aims at bringing happiness and development and awareness to the participants and a chance for international exchange and growth.

ASHTAR students in their fourth and fifth year of drama training are currently responsible of this festival and actively preparing for it; they hold continuous brain storming meetings, and created a post for the Festival on facebook: ATiYF 2012.

Message from ASHTAR Students:

We the students of ASHTAR Theatre in our 4th and 5th years are coordinating this Camp-Fest; which represents our graduation project from Ashtar’s program for training young theatre students. We have lived together through theatre; we faced some obstacles on our path. We were a group of children when we started our training program but now we are young theatre students. We started our path with the play “Emperor’s New Clothes”. At this stage we will be ending our plays with The Gaza Monologues and For “Adults Only”.

This Camp-Fest will help us finish our road knowing that we were trained not only on how to stand on stage and perform, but also how to create, coordinate and implement a project. ASHTAR theatre does not only teach theatre performing, but also provides us with the knowledge and experience to be successful in the various fields of life.

We aim from this Camp-Fest to interact with young theatre students from all over the world; exchange our cultural and theatrical knowledge with them.   The name of our Camp-Fest, “A Step into Tomorrow “, highlights our desire to explore our future in the best way possible. We seek to answer the various questions that run in our mind; not only about theatre, but about our lives, and our social, political, and economical plans.

We believe that theatre can make a change so we’re planning to be part of this change.