The journal translation is issuing a call for papers specifically for its website articles. Articles are to be approximately 1,000 words in length and will be published solely on the website. Submissions can be made by email to managing editor at or through the website at: Please take into consideration the ethos of our journal (as described on the website homepage): “The journal … takes as its main mission the collection and representation of the ways in which translation as a fundamental element of culture transforms our contemporary world. Our ambition is to create a new forum for the discussion of translation, offering an open space for debate and reflection on what we call post-translation studies, moving beyond disciplinary boundaries towards wider transdisciplinary discourses on the translational nature of societies which are increasingly hybrid, diasporic, border-crossing, intercultural, multilingual, and global.” Given the frequent updates of the website articles, submissions should be considered by the author as in the final form. Please use the author guidelines on the article proposal page. If significant edits are indicated, the submission will be returned to the author. In addition to website articles, we invite reviews of major publications that move the translation dialogue forward.

James Maxey, PhD
Managing Editor