RiDE: the Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance – Special themed issue
Edited by Jenny Hughes
Call for contributions
‘Precarious’ is a word that has been used, alongside its synonyms – uncertain, risky, perilous, unbalanced, unreliable, dependent, fragile, vulnerable – to describe the lived experiences of insecurity attaching to economic neoliberalism. In some parts of the world, neoliberal economic policies have rolled back gains made by citizen movements relating to access to welfare and education. In others, neoliberalism has tied economic development to the implementation of free market principles and entrepreneurial freedoms in ways that threaten alternative modes of generating and distributing resource. As an economic system that privatises the monetary rewards of risky financial and trade practices whilst socialising their costs, neoliberalism has led to deepening economic inequality globally, and created new pressures on established practices of welfare and social support.
This special issue responds to an increasingly urgent imperative to share and debate approaches that have been used by theatre-makers and drama educators to address issues of welfare, poverty and economic justice internationally.
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