.Magdalena News
Magdalena München – Erstes Treffen, Munich, 5-7 Juni (Español)
Ouverture(s), Montpellier, 22-26 Sept (Français/English; Português; Español)
Estão Abertas as Inscrições Para as Oficinas do Festival MULTICIDADE!, Rio de Janeiro, 31 de outubro a 7 de novembro 2015; website for the festival: http://www.multicidade.com
Magdalena Events 2016
Beauty as a Weapon: Transit VIII, 1-12 June 2016, Odin Teatret, Denmark (Español)
Mestiza Austral 2016, 9-15 October 2016, Santiago de Chile
Members’ News & Events
Matrilineare, 22 May, Sardinia
The Dream Lottery, 27 May, Brussels
SITI Company Summer Training Programme, 13-25 July, UK
Goldsmiths Palermo Summer Intensive, with Anna Furse, 20-25 July, Sicily
Summer Workshop & Performance in Berlin, 21 July – 9 August, Germany
Theatre of the Oppressed with Women in Turkey, new book by Jale Karabekir
Theatre project “Histories of Belarus. Vialikaye Sialo”, blog post by Aksana Haiko
2015 Prize of Hope: to Ariane Mnouchkine & Le Théâtre du Soleil
Performance Artist Rachel Rosenthal dies aged 88