You are invited to a few very special performances!  If you’d like a full press release or copy of the script or video for future touring consideration please let us know and we’ll get it all to you as soon as we can.
Dah Teatar, 7 Stages and Cafe Antarsia will perform PREVIOUSLY BLUE: a poetic summit on the mystery of disaster, resilience and beauty at PREVIOUSLY BLUE at Links Hall Friday, September 11; Saturday, September 12; and Sunday, September 13, 2015 at 7:00pm (Chicago, Illinois). This capstone project is created with unconventional devising techniques that have influenced artists all over the world.
The sky’s gone black. The ground is toxic. Clean water is contraband and ransom.  Survivors gather for a final interrogation of good and evil, the madness of love, and the future of the soul… (open rehearsal trailer:
PREVIOUSLY BLUE seeks beauty in the face of tragedy. With patterns of water and a longing for skies that used to be blue, a few survivors confront uncanny blackouts and eclipsing distress.  The artists create a ritual of choreodirection, hand percussion, tragic “songlines” and scenic presence–to celebrate the kind of integrity that emerges from disaster in the interests of common good.
Featuring seven artists who have achieved longevity in a daring arts exchange spanning 20 years, director Dijana Milosevic, designer Nesa Paripovic, performer Maja Mitic from Dah Teatar (Belgrade, Serbia); performers Del Hamilton and Faye Allen from 7 Stages (Atlanta, USA); writer/performer Ruth Margraff and composer/musician Nikos Brisco of the independent Café Antarsia Ensemble (Chicago, USA)