Words without Borders: September Issue
At Peace (Excerpt)
“We die from the moment we’re born, but only say
we die when we’ve reached the end of that process, and sometimes that end
lasts an awfully long time.”
Thomas Bernhard, Breath
Mariana Speranza!
It’s been four years since I last heard my name. I’d almost forgotten what it sounded like. Someone knocks on the door three times. The last time I heard it was on a Thursday, four years ago, as I was leaving the office. It was my last day of work. I resigned. I finally mustered the courage. The decision was a little hard to make. Just a little. I’d done the math carefully. I’d saved enough money. I could take an extended vacation. What was the plan exactly? I didn’t even know myself. But it certainly wasn’t this. Sitting in front of the TV all day. Nope. It was OK at first. But it’s been four years.
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