The Women’s Voices Theater Festival in Washington, DC launched on September 8, 2015, and that is great news for women playwrights.
During September and October 2015, over fifty theatres in the Washington, DC area will present world premieres of works by 55 women playwrights, along with dozens of other special events including workshops, readings and discussions. It’s the first time in history that so many theatres have worked together to produce a festival of original works by female writers. You can see the list of plays on the Women’s Voices Theater Festival home page.
This festival feels like a major turning point because so many men and women from companies large and small with a wide range of artistic visions have joined forces to celebrate women in theatre.
“The goal of parity is for there to be as many bad plays by women and people of color as there are by white men.” – Lisa Kron at Women’s Voices Festival Tony-Award Winner