Call for dancers and physically-trained actors: LEIMAY AcTS LAB, dance-theater performance company in residency at CAVE, is seeking dancers and physically-trained actors for its upcoming new production of Saigo No Honou : Timeless Kaidan (directed & produced by Ximena Garnica), for the New York Butoh Festival (fall, 2007). Actors should be: extremely motivated individuals; able to be creative under DIY atmosphere; comfortable with ensemble work with physical and vocal requirements; willing to participate in the overall production process; actors/dancers who are inclined to grasp a “movement in stillness” concept and are prepared to explore their voices; actors willing to take physical challenges with precision and awareness. Auditions will be held on May 22nd in the form of a workshop followed by a private interview. Training/rehearsals begin in July and will run until October in Brooklyn, New York, meeting four times per week with one or two breaks in between. (Schedule will be decided once participants are chosen).

Intensive rehearsals will be held during the first two and a half weeks of November. At that time, performers will be working with a team of Japanese butoh dancers, visual artists and musicians. No monetary compensation is available, though all participants will be given intensive training and valuable experience with an international collaboration. Please send a statement of interest by May 20th to: You will be contacted with audition details.

Production Manager: LEIMAY Acts LAB, a Brooklyn dance theater performance company is seeking a Production Manager (with some assistant directing and rehearsal directing responsibilities) for its upcoming production of Saigo No Honou: Timeless Kaidan (directed & produced by Ximena Garnica) at the New York Butoh Festival (fall, 2007). Individual must be: extremely motivated; able to work under DIY atmosphere with limited financial resources; wish to work with a group of highly creative and international artists. First Rehearsal period is May 28 – June 19 at Robert Wilson’s Watermill Center. Must have availability during that period to join the residency outside NYC. Second Rehearsal period is July 15- July 23 at residency site TBD. Third Rehearsal period is during the first two and half weeks of November in NYC. You will be working with a team of Japanese butoh dancers, NY-based performers and a creative team of musicians, artists, and designers. Please send resume to: Total project compensation $600.