Dates: May 16 – 24, 2014

The Lab is the part of the multicultural artistic project which will creates a unique encounter, meeting point and artistic platform for artists and performers of different backgrounds, genres, techniques and skills in one team – theatre actors, dancers, choreographers, circus performers and multidisciplinary performers.

The most astonishing phenomena of arts appear on intersection of cultures, when languages and borders become conditional. Such cross-cultural fusion provides unique space for artistic exchange and encourages artists to search for contemporary universal theatre language in the performance, the methods of training and rehearsals.

Perfect practical conditions are organized for such encounter.

The group accommodation and food are organized at the seaside hotel centre.

The beach is just 10 steps from the hotel surrounded with the big territory of the pine tree park.

The nearest international airport is Pisa Galilei Airport.

From the airport participants can take a direct train to the town where the venue is located (about 60 min from the airport).

The train station is located six km from the workshop place.

Please bear in mind that the group is forming quickly. Participants should book their spots in advance.

Programme, practical information, accommodation, transportation details and application procedure are available on

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