The Africa Centre’s, Infecting The City Public Arts Festival, will explode onto the streets and public spaces of Cape Town for the fifth time from the 6th to the 10th March 2012. We’d love to welcome you here.
Infecting The City is the largest and most diverse annual public arts festival in South Africa. This year, celebrated local and international artists will create artworks that unwrap and unlock the communal spaces in the Cape Town City Centre. The art will encourage audiences to see, hear and smell the extraordinary by taking a fresh look at the Mother City, its citizens, and themselves in radically different ways. 
Prepare to see Cape Town in a whole new light! For more information, visit , like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@infectingthecit) or call the Africa Centre on 087 150 5446 / +27 87 150 5446.

CURATOR’S NOTE – Prof. Jay Pather
Public art has always been part of who we are on this continent and in this country given our history of public ritual, public protest and celebration. The interconnectedness of the African “us” meets challenge after challenge in a public, social way, brought to vibrant life in artistic expression. There is too that part of our history that impeded this public interconnectedness, throwing people apart and far away from each other, a physical and psychic separation still waiting to be healed. Infecting the City is a small attempt at igniting this interconnectedness. 
This year’s Festival has no definitive theme and instead has set itself the task of embracing a diverse range of work – from the cutting-edge contemporary to the classical; from restaged work given new breath in surprising spaces to performances devised especially for the spaces they are performed in; from full-length works to fleeting fragments of the “what was that?” variety; from the serious to the whimsical, the profound to the profane, the beautiful to the disturbing, the strange to the downright estranged, the enigmatic to the absolutely unfathomable.
We are confident that, whether through shared rapture or mutual puzzlement, the Festival offers possibilities for public engagement across a range of divides. This year the Festival is curated on a set of  routes: we present works positioned next to each other along different routes, mapping the city with art.