As we begin another eventful year, we reflect on the various ways in which we have endeavored to serve our members. As you all know, the world of residencies continues to grow at a rapid rate, and we lead the way in addressing the many issues facing the field.

All of us at Res Artis look forward to continuing to serve you, and the field as a whole, in what promises to be an exciting year for encountering the world through residencies.

We wish very happy new year!

Mario A. Caro


A quick overview of some of our activities for 2011:


Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vienna, Austria


Res Artis continues its engagement in Central and Eastern Europe with its third Regional Meeting in the area. In Vienna and with KulturKontakt as a partner, Res Artis aims to further the dialogue on how to build a sustainable civil society in Europe and across national borders.

The theme of the conference will be Gates and Bridges. Since the iron curtain between West and East Europe vanished, Vienna became the economic gate to CEE and the entry point to a world that was previously inaccessible for West Europe.

Res Artis’s aims with the regional meeting is to:

  1. Connect organizations of different levels of institutionalization: inviting both experienced and emerging organizations
  2. Provide learning opportunities for parties potentially involved in supporting and developing international exchange: city and regional authorities, art institutions, diplomats, artists’ organizations
  3. Present different models and conditions for residencies: production residencies, interdisciplinary artistic practices and collaborative approaches (arts-business-science connections), impact of residencies on the local cultural scene development.

May 2-5, 2012…
Mark the date in your calendar.
We hope to see many of you in Vienna!


Variations : Alternative Residency Structures – Residencies but once a year


Several of our members organise short-term residencies that take place only once per year. These experiences allow both the participants and the organizers to benefit from the energy and spontaneity created by these intense annual events.

One example changes its location each year: Dragon Dance Theatre

This one-month summer residency on Ummanz Island in Germany focuses on collective creation, getting the theatre out of the institution. The participants spend the month creating masks, props and costumes for the play, as well as the music, the dramaturgy and all other aspects of a theater performance.

Quote by Sam and Katah, from Dragon Dance Theatre:

At Dragon Dance, we think of our residential projects as cultural laboratories where we can experiment with re-created versions of traditional stories. Every year, we move our residency to a different location or country, thereby engaging with a different host culture. With the host community, we choose the mythologies to work on during the project. Our aim is cultural exchange on every level, including but not limited to; age, gender, language, techniques, skills, cultural history, politics, and traditions. The idea is to create a perfect exchange situation; a stimulating, safe, workshop environment, where we can play whatever roles the story calls for. We all arrive from different national backgrounds and immerse ourselves in another culture, in another language, adding another dimension to the possibilities of our work. We always use a theatre format; with the objective of creating our own version of the stories we are investigating and sharing the performance with the local community. Lately, our theatre productions have been expressing ecological drama, which, it seems, we are all caught up in.


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