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The Magdalena Project – international network of women in contemporary theatre
El Proyecto Magdalena: Red Internacional de mujeres en el teatro contemporaneo

Fifty Years of Bread and Puppet Theater

by Jon Kalish

This is the fiftieth anniversary of Bread and Puppet Theater, an arts institution with a political message based in the Northeast Kingdom. The group’s name stems from its belief that sharing bread with its audiences helps create community, and that art is as basic to life as bread.
An anniversary performance at the Haybarn Theater at Goddard College in Plainfield was packed in early June as Bread and Puppet performed a revival of an old show, “The Birdcatcher in Hell.” A giant face depicting the King of Hell is on stage and ten foot-tall demon puppets pound on drums. Much of
the music and speech is grating, and everyone but the birdcatcher is wearing shades of red. This original play was a response to the My Lai massacre in Vietnam, however, this revival has drones and depicts the War on Terror.
Bread and Puppet is the creation of Peter Schumann, who looms large as the dominating personality and arbiter of aesthetics for the puppet theater he founded five decades ago.
Schumann's puppetry career began with much tamer fare in 1962, when he ran an extra-curricular puppetry workshop at the Putney School. After leaving Putney, Schumann moved to New York City, where he founded Bread and Puppet in 1963. From the very beginning, the group embraced low-tech, home-made puppets as a means to offer provocative comment on contemporary events.
“It’s the freedom, the elbow freedom, that you get when you can do things because of America’s garbage," says Schumann. "And the freedom of doing gigantic things for almost nothing, with just collaboration, with just people power.”
In New York, the theater was part of the creative ferment and the political ferment of the 1960's, participating in the growing anti-war movement. But, during that period, Bread and Puppet also worked with inner city kids. In 1966, for example, Schumann directed a production of Chicken Little with a cast of children from Harlem.
But Schumann soon began to sour on life in New York City and after his wife Elka was robbed at gunpoint, he accepted an invitation from Goddard College in Plainfield to become its theater-in-residence in the early 1970s.
Jules Rabin, an Anthropology Professor at Goddard at the time, remembers how highly politicized the campus was when Schumann arrived.
“There was a Black Studies Department that had started just that semester when we were discussing inviting Bread and Puppet," recalls Rabin. " And there was a very militant guy – he had a lot of presence – a black guy, who said our college better do a black theater kind of invitation, than a Bread
and Puppet invitation. ‘This is more whitey stuff dominating the scene.’ And
he didn’t prevail.”
Paul Zaloom – a Goddard student who joined Bread and Puppet in 1971 and lived with the troupe at Cate Farm, part of the Goddard campus – recalls how central Schumann's troop was to his college experience.
“I joined Bread and Puppet and that’s pretty much what I did for my college education," says Zaloom. "I was in a puppet theater company touring all over the place."
Zaloom later went on to star in the children's TV show "Beakman's World", and recalls his experience at Bread and Puppet very fondly.
"I would say there was about 12 of us living on the farm, and then Peter and Elka and their five kids," remembers Zaloom. "You know, the farm had a number of different buildings we could live in, so we weren't really pack in there like sardines. It was pretty great. It was a beautiful location. It has these giant hay fields and a big old barn. It was a really wonderful place to work and live."
But in the Fall of 1974, Bread and Puppet moved on again, leaving Goddard for a farm in the Northeast Kingdom. The farm was purchased by Elka Schumann’s father, who was the son of the famous homesteader Scott Nearing, by his first wife. The 160-acre farm in Glover has been Bread and Puppet’s home ever since.
As I walk the farm with Elka, a spring breeze cools the barn where puppeteers are rehearsing. The barn is also the Bread and Puppet Museum, filled with massive paper mache puppets from the theater’s past. Elka Schumann stops in front of a dragon that is more than 40 years old.
“This puppet was made in the children’s workshops uptown in the South Bronx and Harlem," says Elka. "Kids made it and they used it. It had a big long, green body and you could get a hundred kids under this green cloth with rattles and whistles and tambourines and things and snake down the street. It was a really neat street puppet.”
A huge gravel pit sits on the Bread and Puppet farm in Glover, where stone was removed for the construction of Interstate 91. This gravel pit became a natural outdoor amphitheater and for more than 20 years it served as the site of Bread and Puppet’s Domestic Resurrection Circus.
The theater has long drawn on its natural surroundings for both performance space and to make the puppets – materials like maple saplings growing in the sugarbush and clay from the banks of the Sheffield River.
The “bread” of Bread and Puppet comes in the form of Schumann’s coarse sourdough rye bread which he bakes in huge quantities in a few outdoor clay ovens and then gives away for free.  But it took awhile for people to accept the idea of him giving away bread.
“I had a sign out and it said, ‘Free Bread.’  Nobody ever came," says Schumann. "Then inflation struck and I changed the sign and I said, ‘Due to inflation, twice as free bread.’ (He starts laughing) Nobody came!”
But people did come to the summer circuses and to the parades where Bread and Puppet performed with colorful puppets and a raucous band, in towns like Barton, Marshfield and Cabot. However, the puppeteers’ political messages didn’t always sit well with Vermonters.
“There was a Fourth of July parade and I believe the Bread and Puppet section of the parade was a group of Vietnamese women puppets being dragged through the streets by Uncle Fatso, the kind of Uncle Sam figure. And that didn’t go over too great with the local residents of Plainfield," recalls
Puppeteer Paul Zaloom. "So, Bread and Puppet was sort of banned from the Fourth of July parade for a number of years and when we were invited back, I remember a guy in town who said to me, he says, ‘Now we don’t want anything political in the parade, right? Nothing political.’”
Peter Schumann’s uncompromising political statements have ruffled feathers outside of Vermont as well. In 2001, just weeks after the September 11th terrorist attacks, Bread and Puppet bowed out of the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade in New York over a theater scene about civilian casualties
in the new war in Afghanistan. In 2007, an art exhibit in Boston drew complaints when Schumann’s compared the Israeli government to Nazis. However, despite its left-leaning politics, Bread and Puppet seems to be at peace with its neighbors after close to 40 years in the Northeast Kingdom.
“Anyone who can last a while around here," says Joseph Gresser, "People figure you have to put up with them whether you like them or not.”
Gresser is a writer with the Barton Chronicle. He remembers the 23 years of Bread and Puppet’s summer circuses as “a helluva lot of fun” but says crowds as large as 30,000 became an incredible inconvenience for nearby towns.
“What would happen is that there would be parallel events, so a lot of people would show up a week early, go to one of these campgrounds and there would be raves," says Gresser. "Or, I remember seeing a truck with tanks of nitrous oxide pulling in
and, you know, there were OD’s. The emergency responders were really run ragged. That was very hard on them. It had a bit
of the feel of riding the back of a tiger.”
After a fight at one of the campgrounds resulted in a man’s death in 1998, Schumann concluded that the event had spiraled out of control and stopped putting on the free circuses.
With rare exceptions, Bread and Puppet has been able to survive without government grants or business underwriting. When the barn housing the Bread and Puppet Museum needed major structural repairs, an appeal letter brought in $90,000. Claire Dolan is a member of the theater’s board of directors.
“It’s kind of strange and unbelievable how the theater functions economically. We don’t have an outreach and development person. We don’t have a business planner. We just have a few people who are doing a lot of stuff all at once and sort of getting by, by the seat of their pants. But 50
years! It’s been going on 50 years. That’s kind of amazing.”
Peter Schumann is at peace with the troupe’s precarious finances. “We have constantly gone under and come up again and we are constantly collapsing, continuously," says Schumann. "And then sort of struggle back again. It’s all the time on the margin, anyway, you know, which I don’t mind
that it is that way. I wouldn’t see any advantage if it would be more successful so to speak.”
Peter Schumann just turned 79 and is in remarkably good shape. He has stopped walking on 10-foot stilts at the request of his family but other than that, the man shows no signs of slowing down. For this summer’s parades, Schumann is focused on the F-35 fighter jet that the Air Force might base in Burlington. “We created a very powerful daffodil attack force with a daffodil navy and daffodil knights and daffodil weaponry and that’s going to fight the F-35 very effectively.” Long-time friend Helen Rabin broached the subject of what will become of Bread and Puppet when Schumann is no longer around.“Other people worry about that but not Peter Schumann," says Rabin. "He doesn’t want to think about that. He’s more concerned about what comes

What comes next is July 4th parades in Barton and Cabot, and summer performances at the farm in Glover on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons. Bread and Puppet’s 50th anniversary season culminates with tours in France and Italy this fall.

First Psychodrama students graduate with international certificate

Palestinian Mental Health Workers Graduate with an International Certification in Trauma Therapy

On 7th of July, thirteen Palestinian mental health workers from the Jenin District will graduate from the Trauma Response Training Program – an intensive, 18-month program run by The Freedom Theatre in partnership with the USA-based Therapeutic Spiral Institute.

The Trauma Response Training Program was the first long-term psychodrama training program to be offered in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. Program participants included 13 mental health workers from various organizations including YMCA, Ministry of Education, Arab American School and the Women’s Cultural and Heritage Association. The program was led by Ben Rivers, an international trainer and Registered Drama Therapist from Australia. Psychodrama practitioners from Switzerland, Italy and the USA also provided training to program participants.

The Therapeutic Spiral Institute will award graduates of the program with an International Certification in Trauma Therapy using the Therapeutic Spiral Model™.  

The graduation ceremony will take place on July 7 at 10am–12noon at North Gate Hotel, Jenin.  Journalists and reporters are welcome to attend.

"Over the past 1.5 years, the graduates of this program have engaged in a profound journey of self-discovery and professional development. They have worked deeply to recognize and develop their unique strengths and resources whilst simultaneously addressing their own histories of hardship and oppression. Through many hours of study and practice these graduates have also developed their skills and knowledge in trauma healing and psychotherapy. The graduates of this program have therefore proven their ability to undertake and succeed in the long and sometimes difficult process towards becoming an effective clinician. For this, each graduate is worthy of sincere respect and applause. In addition, we should also thank these graduates for the pioneering efforts they have taken within the new and exciting field of Psychodrama in Palestine."

– Ben Rivers, Director, Applied Theatre Program, The Freedom Theatre.

Peacebuilding and the Arts Now: July Issue

Notes from the Director

Greetings from Peacebuilding and the Arts!

The spring semester at Brandeis was busy!! Highlights include the completion of the first multilingual version of the Acting Together documentary (now available through our partner ReCAST, Inc.); a visit to Notre Dame, where Jane Wilburn Sapp and I presented “My God is a Rock in a Weary Land: Spirituality and the Struggle for Justice in African-American Music” (read more); a visit to the Performance Studies Program at Northwestern University, where Dr. Soyini Madison and her students impressed me with their ethically-informed explorations of performance and activism; and hosting ten young visual artists from Bahrain who inspired the Brandeis community with their creativity and their determination to resist sectarian divisions.

Sadly, because of changes in funding sources, our program is no longer able to support the position of program administrator, deftly filled for nearly three years by Naoe Suzuki. She coordinated events, managed budgets and initiated this e-newsletter. Please join me in thanking her for her many contributions to the program and the field. Moving forward with the e-newsletter, we hope to live up to her standards, but you’ll notice slightly less frequent editions, more guest editors and researchers, and other changes in format.

As I complete these greetings, I am heading off to the Community Arts Lab in Utrecht for a performance research/festival. I’ll send a report in the next edition of Peacebuilding and the Arts Now!

All the best,


Cynthia E. Cohen, Ph.D., Director

Program in Peacebuilding and the Arts


What's Happening 

Global Campaign Re-Launch!

Our partner ReCAST, Inc. is re-launching the Acting Together Global Campaign, to send the multilingual version of the documentary to 51 educational and cultural organizations working in zones of violent conflict. Why 51? In honor of the 51st anniversary of UNESCO's World Theatre Day. You can join by donating or raising $100 to underwrite the costs of sending a documentary/toolkit package and the multilingual disc for an organization of your choice, or an organization featured on the ReCAST site. In addition, ReCAST will send you a review copy of the documentary, either in the original English or in the multilingual version (with subtitles in Arabic, Hebrew, Japanese, Sinhala, Spanish and Tamil).

Contributions received to date are allowing us to send Acting Together resources to 11 organizations, including the Ulafa’a Initiative (Bahrain), Wan Smolbag Theatre (Vanuatu), Grupo Cultural Yuyachkani (Peru), Zid Theatre (The Netherlands), University of Jaffna (Sri Lanka), Combatants for Peace (Israel/Palestine). …Read more

Learn more about the campaign!

News From the Field

On Equal Terms:

Women in Skilled Trades 35 Years & Still Organizing

Exhibit by Susan Eisenberg, scholar-in-residence, Women's Studies Research Center, Brandeis University

September 22 – October 20

Clemente Soto Velez Centre, New York City

"On Equal Terms" is a touring mixed media art installation created with support from the Berger-Marks Foundation to bring viewers into the experiences of women who work on construction sites. An opening reception celebrating tradeswomen will be held Thursday, September 26, 6:00-8:00 pm…Read more

Egypt's culture 'under attack' from government, claim artists

June 5, 2013 | The Guardian

The Egyptian Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI Centre) has been witnessing with increasing alarm the vicious onslaught against the defining foundations of Egyptian culture, with theatre and the performing arts at the forefront. Alaa Abdel-Aziz, appointed Minister of Culture, has fired the head of the Cairo Opera House, the head of the Egyptian General Book Authority, and the head of the Fine Arts Sector within a few weeks. ACall for Action has been issued to support the ITI Centre and to call on Abdel-Aziz to protect rather than condemn the contributions artists have and to refrain from defining “Egyptian culture” in the narrowest terms. The Muslim Brotherhood has issued a relevant statement and a number of leaders globally have signed on to a letter to the media. Learn more orread an article on this issue by Ambassador Cynthia Schneider

Day after Kabul attacks, 10,000 peace balloons by conceptual artist Yazmany Arboleda handed out

May 25, 2013  |

After a day of explosions and gunfire, residents of Kabul woke up to be greeted by a public art project in which volunteers handed out 10,000 neon-pink "peace" balloons. Organised by Yazmany Arboleda, a 31-year-old conceptual artist from the United States, the project was an unusual attempt to bring a dose of creativity and fun to a city wrecked by decades of war. …Read more.

Survival Strategies for Artists in a Modern World

April 26, 2013 | World Policy Institute Arts-Policy Nexus Blog

By Lawrence E. McCullough

Growing numbers of American government and school officials increasingly declare arts unworthy of public money as legion
s of savvy corporate advertisers, and millions of eager consumers and creators, utilize and reference the arts’ “value” continuously in their daily lives. The coming public funding changes will affect not just individual artists but every segment of the arts eco-system, including arts education, institutions, councils, and philanthropy… Read more.

Artist to Watch: Morm Sokly, Cambodian Theater Artist

By Catherine Filloux (Guest Blogger and Acting Together Contributor) |CultureHub

The theater artist Morm Sokly, was born in 1965 in Phnom Penh and began her studies in traditional Khmer theater as well as modern theater, in 1981 at the Royal University of Fine Arts (RUFA). Sokly is the author of the play “The Tooth of Buddha,” written in the traditional Cambodian (Khmer) form of Lakhaon Kamnap, and the play was featured in Khmer Voices Rising: An International Freedom-to-Write Literary Festival at Brown University… Read more and watch the interview video. 

Video: Creative coexistence at Arab-Jewish Theatre

The Arab-Hebrew Theatre of Jaffa was created by a partnership between the Al-Saraya Theater, an Arab theater troupe, and The Local Theatre, a Jewish troupe. Together, the two companies work on independent projects as well as collaborative productions in both Hebrew and Arabic, drawing on the performances of Arab and Jewish artists, to increase understanding between people and bind the audiences and the actors in a common, fun experience… View the video (The Arab-Jewish Theatre is featured in Acting Together, Volume 1.)

Peace, Love, and Baklava –

An Exhibition of Contemporary Iranian Artists in London


REORIENT Magazine | by Sarah Zakzouk

The exhibition of contemporary Iranian art titled “Peace, from the Bottom of My Art” of was featured at London’s Opera Gallery from April 25 to May 9, 2013. Sarah Zakzouk shares her experience of the exhibit and discussions with the artists, gallery director, as well as one of the curators Vida Zaim who said, “It wasn’t an exhibition about politics; it was solely … a celebration of art and talent from today’s generation of Iranian artists, and the Iranian people’s interpretation of, and unwavering hope for peace…” Read more.

Read more news from the field.  

Featured Student Papers

Peacebuilding and the Arts – From Bahrain to Boston: Ulafa’a Initiative

comes to Brandeis, by Sarah McCarty

(Reflection Paper, Arts of Building Peace – PAX 250, Brandeis University)

This paper reflects on encounters between Bahraini artists and Brandeis students. McCarty explains that the Ulafa’a Initiative is "a growing project aiming to connect the different communities of Bahrain and promote creative expression during this time of conflict…” Read more and view McCarty's slideshow.

Confinement and Freedom: Possibilities of Prison Arts for the Incarcerated in China, by Lijun Li

(Thesis, MA in Sustainable International Development, Brandeis University)

The paper explores the reality of incarceration and is based on beliefs that art has a transformative power, and that prison arts can… create the conditions for the growth of responsible, compassionate people with the skills and capabilities to live meaningful, productive lives. It provides recommendations for the criminal justice system in China…Read the full paper

A Memory of Arts for Social Change, by Paul Margrave

(Final Paper, Acting Together on the World Stage: Writing and Political Performance – TAPS 1500, Brown University)

This paper responds to the final assignment of Erik Ehn's course. Margrave analyzes how the course will continue to impact his actions and thoughts in the present and the future, using the theatrical reference, "If opening night is a report on the process and if this is the opening night of What Comes Next, then maybe this is a report on a process." …Read more

Read papers by students, artists, and scholars in our online resource library.

Resources & Opportunities

 Call for Submissions: Creative Expressions of Diversity and Peace for the “Managing Diversity in Divided Societies” Conference

Georgetown University

Submission Deadline: November 1, 2013

Conference: January 30-31, 2014

How can the arts be used to engage diversity and enhance societal well-being?  How can they transform potentially divisionary forces of diversity and enrich peace and just relationships? This conference seeks to address this puzzle by bringing together leading researchers, practitioners, and graduate students who are engaging with issues of diversity. View the flyer; visit the conference Facebook page.

Acts of Activism: Human Rights as Radical Performance, by Dr. Soyini Madison (Cambridge University Press: 2010.) Followers of “Acting Together” will be delighted by this exquisitely written ethnography of sub-Saharan activist performances that engage communities in issues of women’s rights, human rights, tradition and modernity, all in the context of extreme poverty. In her epilogue, the author writes that “If we can imagine the power of an idea, a word, an act spinning in a direction and an order – emboldened at each turn by paths of light and indomitable human will – can we re-imagine our world?”

Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute (NARPI)

2013 Summer Training

August 5-20, 2013

DMZ Peace-Life Valley, Inje, South Korea

The Northeast Asia Regional Peacebuilding Institute (NARPI) works to strengthen and empower people in Northeast Asia, a region of historical, territorial, military and nuclear tensions, by providing peacebuilding training and building cross-cultural networks. NARPI is hosting its annual Summer Training on August 5-20 at DMZ Peace-Life Valley education center in Inje, South Korea. Read the 2013 Summer Training information package, view the webpage, or apply now.

Department of Public Imagination

A new residency and training program for socially engaged artists

The Design Studio for Social Intervention and Community Labor United are excited to announce a new interdisciplinary residency and training program for socially engaged artists in Boston that aims to build creative partnerships between artists and member-led community groups in the Greater Boston area. The program will select three artists for the 2013-2014 pilot year. Interested applicants can email the program coordinators at, or read more about the opportunity.

The Vera List Center for Art and Politics

at The New School of New York

Vera List Center, founded in 1992, is dedicated to serving as a catalyst for the discourse on the role of the arts in society and their relationship to the sociopolitical climate in which they are created. It seeks to achieve this goal by organizing public programs that respond to the pressing social and political issues as they are articulated by the academic community and by visual and performing artists… Learn more.


ArtRage: The Norton Putter Gallery

Based in Syracuse, New York, Artrage is no ordinary gallery. Its vision for change is one that creates a community of open-minded, tolerant individuals with an appreciation for the inclusion of art in everyday life. It offers events and exhibits art that cultivate critical thinking skills; leading to question the power structures that exist in our society and to imagine other ways of life. It accepts submissions of artwork at any time. Download a copy of Artist’s Call.

Read about more opportunities and resources in News from the Field on our website.

OTM newsletter June 2013

Dear newsletter readers,

We believe that arts and culture have no borders – and that’s why On the Move is getting more and more international in its membership and activities!

Three new organisations active internationally have joined our network: IG Kultur – Austria, Teater Unionen-ITI Sweden and RES ARTIS, as well as two individuals: Mary Ann DeVlieg and Nina Obuljen. We welcome them on board! To know how our membership looks like now, have a look at the full list of members on our website and see them on Google maps. They can be your entry point to the cultural scene and mobility opportunities in several countries!

Our activities are also becoming more and more international. Earlier this year On the Move joined forces with the Czech Arts and Theatre Institute and Kelola Foundation (Indonesia) to organise the first ever meeting of cultural mobility funders from Asia and Europe, with the precious support of the Creative Encounters programme of ASEF – Asia-Europe Foundation and Arts Network Asia. As a result, over 35 organisations and institutions from Asia and Europe gathered in Prague, Czech Republic in early June to discuss about concrete experiences and possible developments of funding the mobility of artists and cultural professionals. A report and the list of contacts are available on our website – have a look at the pictures as well!

Finally, we take this opportunity to thank all of you who replied to the online consultation on short-stay Schengen visas launched by the European Commission. The deadline was June 17th and we’re looking forward to the public report – we’ll keep you posted about the results as soon as these will be available.

And now, our monthly selection of mobility opportunities – follow us on Facebook for daily updates!

The On the Move team   

Our own news

Platform meeting of Asian and European cultural mobility funders, Prague- Czech Republic, 5-6 June 2013

Over 35 organisations and institutions from Asia and Europe gathered in Prague, Czech Republic in early June for the first ever meeting of mobility funders from Asia and Europe, organised by the Czech Arts and Theatre Institute, Kelola Foundation (Indonesia) and On the Move with the support of the Creative Encounters programme of ASEF – Asia-Europe Foundation and Arts Network Asia. Find out more!

Our Facebook is your Facebook!

Since early 2012 On the Move has its own Facebook page… which is also yours! Feel free to post there your own calls and announcements (and spread the word)!

Engage in policy

What role should culture play in EU external relations? – Share your views!

In 2012 a consortium consisting of eight members, led by the Goethe Institute, Brussels, was tasked by the European Commission to carry out the preparatory action ’Culture in EU external relations” launched by the European Commission and approved by the European Parliament. Share with them your recommendations on the role culture should play in EU cultural relations? 

Raise funding

Cultural diversity and cultural exchange – call open for projects between Spain and other countries

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Madrid announces the Call for proposals for the Programme “Cultural diversity and cultural exchange", aiming to promote a greater understanding of cultural diversity and to stimulate cultural cooperation between cultural entities and cultural players in Spain and in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Deadline: 16 July.

ASEF Creative Networks – First Edition (2013-2014): call for proposals

ASEF announces the launch of its 1st open call for proposals through ‘ASEF Creative Networks’, a new initiative that recognises cultural networks as an important mechanism to encourage bi-regional collaborations and reinforce cooperation in the cultural field. Deadline on 15 August (the link includes also another call for application for projects between Asia and Europe under the Creative Encounters Programme).

SüdKulturFonds – funding for international music productions&events

SüdKulturFonds provides shortfall guarantees and project-specific contributions to support productions and events that include artists from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe (non-EU countries). The aim of this support is to facilitate access to the Swiss and European cultural market and to professional networks for artists from southern and eastern countries of the world. 4 deadlines at the end of January, April, August and November.

Cooperation in the Nordic Region supported by the Nordic Cultural Fund

The Fund supports projects that involve at least three Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden or the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland). The nature of the involvement may be as a participant, organiser or as a theme. In addition to the three Nordic partners, projects may involve other partners both within the Region and beyond, and it may be run either inside the Region or elsewhere. Amateurs as well as professionals are eligible to apply for funding. Deadlines: 1 February, 2 April, 1 September and 1 October.

Graham Foundation – Research and development grants to individuals (architecture & designed environment)

The Graham Foundation (Chicago, Illinois) provides Research and Development Grants to individuals (mainly but not only based in the USA) to provide opportunities to create, develop, and communicate a project about architecture and the designed environment. Research and Development Grants assist individuals with seed money for research-related expenses including travels. Deadline: 15 September.

React to a call

Residency opportunity in Nectiny (Czech Republic)

Pilsen ECoC 2015 invites artists from every field of art and from all corners of the world to apply for the artistic residency which will take place from 5th to 22nd of September 2013 in Nectiny, a town about 40 km from Pilsen, Czech Republic. Travel costs included. Deadline: 14 July.

EURIAS Fellowship Programme 2014-2015

The European Institutes for Advanced Study (EURIAS) Fellowship Programme is an international researcher mobility programme offering 10-month residencies in one of the 16 participating Institutes in different European countries. EURIAS Fellowships are mainly offered in the fields of the humanities and social sciences and cover – among others – travel expenses. Deadline: 5 July.

Literary Residency “Absolute Modern”, Skopje 2013

Goten Publishing House in cooperation with the TRADUKI network invite writers and translators from Southeast Europe (Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Albania, Kosovo, Bosna and Herzegovina, Bulgaria and Romania) to apply for writers-in-residence program «Absolute Modern», in Skopje, Macedonia. Travel costs covered (among others). Deadline: 15 July.

"Absence and photography" – IILA-FOTOGRAFIA prize for young Latin-American photographers

IILA – Istituto Italo – Latino Americano and Officine International call for emerging Latin-American photographers, aged 40 or less, to submit a project on "Absence and photography". The prize includes a one-month residency in Rome (travel costs included). Deadline: 18 July.

Australia-UK: Realise your dream

Realise Your Dream is Australia’s most recognised and long running professional development platform in the creative industries. It nurtures and supports highly talented emerging practitioners in the first ten years of their practice, working across almost any discipline in the creative sector. Deadline on 28 July!

South African international music mobility fund – call for proposals

The programme is designed to support musicians and music professionals with an established practice in South Africa, but who have carried out little or no work internationally. There are two rounds of calls with deadlines on 14 April and 31 July.

Password: Printmaking – residency opportunity for artists from Belgium

In the frame of the EU-funded project "Password: Printmaking", artists from Belgium are offered a residency opportunity in Belgium and in Poland. Deadlines: 1 and 31 August.

Survival Kit Festival 2014 in Umeå (Sweden) calls for international artists

Survival Kit/Umeå invites artists from all corners of the world whose work attends to the question of survival in all its different perceptions. Individual and group applications are accepted, for existing or new works. Travel costs covered (conditions apply). Deadline: 1 September.

Get training

Research fellowships in visual culture – applications invited from India and Turkey

Delfina Foundation is inviting applicants from India and Turkey for the Research Fellowship 2013, that aims to provide an opportunity for intensive research in the field of visual culture by curators and researchers who have an innovative visual culture project. The residency includes a return flight to London. Deadline: 15 July.

Grundtvig in-service Training: Video and Citizen Journalism (for educators and artists)

Perypezye Urbane invites Educators and Artists to take part to the course “How video can empower our training skills“ led by the videomaker Cinzia Espis. The course is organized within the framework of Grundtvig programme, in-service training, and it is possible to apply for a grant: course’s fee, travel and accommodation will be completely covered! The next session of this workshop will be held in Milan (Italy) from 06 April 2014 till 12 April 2014. Deadline by 17 September 2013!

Discover a residency

Politics of Food residency – Delfina Foundation

Delfina Foundation (DF) is inviting artists, curators, writers, film makers and other cultural practitioners interested in exploring issues surrounding the politics of food to apply for its first theme-based residency. Applications are open to individuals from all nationalities as long as they are proficient in English. The residency covers travel costs. Deadline: 29 July.

trans_2013-2014 Residence at Akiyoshidai International Art Village (Japan)

The prefix ‘trans’ means to go beyond, get across, cross, exchange, change and convert. The Residence Support Program provides a time and place for artists to experience new encounters and carry out experiments to guide their future projects. The call is open to Japanese and international artists under 40 y.o. and covers – among others – travel costs. Deadline: 31 July.

Residencies for international choreographers at K3 – Hamburg (Germany)

International choreographers who are currently at the beginning of the careers, but have already produced some choreographic work of their own, are invited to apply for an 8-month residency in Hamburg (Germany). Travel costs – and others – paid. Deadline: 5 August.

Scholarships for media artists based in Germany willing to travel to Mexico

Media artists based in Germany working with digital media such as Internet, computer art, film/video or sound are invited to apply for this scholarship, allowing a two-month residency in Mexico City (travel costs and others included). Deadline: 19 August.

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel artist residency program (Shanghai)

The Swatch Art Peace Hotel Artist Residency invites artists from around the world to apply online for a residency in Shanghai. Different forms of art are welcome to explore the contemporary arts in China's most vibrant city: dancing, music, photography, filmmaking, writing, painting and conceptual art. Known and unknown artists are invited to stay for a period of up to six months. Travel costs, among others, are covered. No deadline.

Meet others

European Culture Forum 2013 in Brussels (Belgium) – registrations open!

The European Commission invites you to come and participate in the debate on 4th, 5th and 6th November in the Bozar Art Centre, Brussels. The programme will include a variety of formats: plenary panels for in-depth discussions, short flash sessions to inform participants of other hot topics, and much more… registrations open until 16 September.

World Culture in development Forum

World Culture in Development Forum will take place in Indonesia from 24 – 29 November 2013. Registration to attend this event is now open. 

Collaborate with

Internship opportunity at Nida Art Colony (Vilnius, Lithuania)

Nida Art Colony is looking for interns to work as assistant curators and visual communication assistants. The experience would run between January and May 2014 (free accommodation at the Colony included). Send your CV!

Digital journal InterArtive: Call for texts and artistic projects: Art & Mobility

For the publication of issue #55, the digital journal InterArtive will publish a special issue dedicated to diverse aspects of the current discussion about Art & Mobility. Theorists, critics, curators and artists who work on the subject are invited to participate. Deadline: 15 July. 

Look for a job

Julie's Bicycle is recruiting!

London-based environmental sustainability experts Julie's Bicycle are recruiting for two full-time positions as marketing and events coordinator and environmental sustainability coordinator. Deadlines on 5 and 11 July.

Artspace Visual Arts Centre, Sydney (Australia) seeks new Executive Director

Artspace Visual Arts Centre, a leading international residency-based contemporary art centre, seeks to appoint an Executive Director who will drive an artistic program that is ambitious in local, national and international contexts. Deadline: 15 July.

Job opportunities at Tate galleries (UK)

Different working positions are available at Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool and Tate Modern in the UK – various deadlines until 18 July.

Vacancy notice: Director – European Citizen Action Service

The European Citizen Action Service (ECAS), a Brussels-based international non-profit organisation, wishes to appoint a Director as from January 2014. Applications open until 31 July.

Funen Art Academy (Denmark) is looking for a visual artist to fill a professorial position

Funen Art Academy is looking for an active visual artist with solid international experience and a widespread international network, to fill a professorial position. The applicant can work in any type of media, but needs the ability to relate to and be interested in a variety of contemporary artistic positions. Deadline: 19 August.


International Perspectives on Artist Residencies – IFACCA d'Art Topic n. 45

In October 2012, IFACCA conducted a survey of its members to understand more about global trends in government support for artist residencies, in preparation for the Res Artis General Meeting in Tokyo, Japan. The report considers government support for artist residencies, objectives and outcomes of residencies, mapping of residencies, funding opportunities, evaluation and future actions. Download it for free!

Danish Agency for Culture: Information on grants for international artists and art institutions wishing to collaborate with Danish artists and art institutions is the English version of the Danish website, which is The Danish Agency for Culture's site for art funding and art grants. This site is designed for intern
ational artists, arts organisations and international cultural administrative bodies interested in collaborating with individuals or institutions within the Danish arts system.

Report on the right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity

In March 2013 the Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights, Farida Shaheed, published her annual report to the United Nations Human Rights Council, which is devoted to the issue of “The right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity”. This highly interesting report adresses the multiple ways in which the right to freedom of artistic expression and creativity may be curtailed – including by restricting the freedom of movement.

Publication by the European Cultural Foundation: The Dwarfing of Europe?

In this first of the series Dwarfing of Europe? publication, the European Cultural Foundation turns to Europe's neighbours for an honest view of Europe from the outside in order to boost and broaden the debate on Europe by focusing on culture.

On the Move is funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.





– Call For Action: Artists Protest the Islamization of Egyptian culture
– Forced to Flee: Rebuilding Lives and Communities through Art
– Todd Lester's Lanchonete featured on BOMBLOG
– Stakeholder Spotlight: Chaw Ei Thein in Sandaya: Burmese Lessons
– 2013-2014 Queer/Art/Mentorship Cycle – Deadline: June 28
– IIE Fellowship for Threatened Scholars – Deadline: July 5

CALL FOR ACTION: Artists Protest the Islamization of Egyptian culture

Dear International Friends and Colleagues:

We, the founding members of the Egyptian Centre of the International Theatre Institute, have been witnessing with increasing alarm the vicious onslaught against the defining foundations of Egyptian culture, with theatre and the performing arts at the forefront.

However variously understood and appraised, these foundations are widely believed to have crystallised with the onset of the modern Egyptian State in the late nineteenth century, but in fact they had always been rooted in the very fabric of this land, an inherently cosmopolitan multi-religious and multi-ethnic culture if there ever was one. As Egyptians, but also as members of the global cultural community, we cannot allow such a glorious tradition to suffer erosion at the hands of those who could not adapt to it, whether at home or in the region.

The Islamists’ declared jihad against the arts is currently spearheaded by none other than the regime’s Ministry of Culture, thanks to the recent appointment at its helm of a certain Alaa Abdel-Aziz, an obscure film lecturer with a paltry academic record and practically no professional or public service credentials save his adoption of the cultural discourse of the Muslim Brotherhood ruling faction (or, more aptly, its anti-arts one). In a typical demonstration of this populist rhetoric, Abdel-Aziz had this to say at a recent press conference “I ask those leading the ferocious campaign against me: What have they ever contributed to Egypt’s culture? What have they ever given to the enlightened Egyptian people? Post-revolution Egypt should not be captive to a group that has not been able to effectively touch Egyptians with creativity over long decades.”

While the problem of a certain disconnect between the intelligentsia and their constituencies is by no means unique to Egypt, we believe it is either moronic or hypocritical (or, more likely, both) to question the contributions of generations of artists in the various fields of the performing and fine arts and their far-reaching role in establishing and popularising these arts not only in Egypt, but all over the Arab world, not to mention world-renowned literary and artistic figures of the stature of Bahaa Taher, Sonallah Ibrahim, Ramzi Yassa, Alaa Al-Aswany, Lenin El-Ramly, Nawal El-Saadawi, Fatheya El-Assal, and Salwa Bakr, all of whom are now calling for the removal of Abdel-Aziz and the parochial, theocratic regime for which he stands.

The International Theatre Institute, an active UNESCO entity with centres and affiliate bodies in the four corners of the world, has an urgent mission to protect the free circulation of culture in one of this world’s most ancient civilizations. We therefore call upon all concerned to mobilise in whatever way they think fit, but we also hope that this call for action will set in motion an ongoing dialogue with our worldwide friends and colleagues so that we may work with one another against the not-so-secret agenda to remake Egypt and its cultural field after the worldview of its ruling cabal.

We await your ideas and initiatives at

Interim Founding Board

Forced to Flee: Exiled Voices and Visions for Justice

June 20 marks World Refugee Day, which was sanctioned by the United Nations General Assembly in 2000 as a day to highlight the plight of displaced people. In time for World Refugee Day, on June 11 the Arts & Democracy Project hosted a discussion panel called “Forced to Flee: Exiled Voices and Visions for Justice.” The panel brought together a diverse group of artists, activists, and policymakers who have spent years creating and implementing programs that enable exiled artists to rebuild their lives and create communities through art. The discussion, moderated through a conference call, drew upon the various professional and personal experiences of the group as how art has helped survivors of displacement, torture, rape, and trafficking heal through creativity.

Among the presenters for the discussion were Erika Berg, the founder of Refugee Youth Empowered and curator of “Forced to Flee”; Ova Saopeng, a co-founder of the Los Angeles-based theater group TeAda Productions; Sidd Joag, director of freeDimensional; Art 2 Actions Andrea Assaf; and Chaw ei Thein, a Burmese artist and activist who was once a refugee herself. The conversation was moderated by World Policy Institute Senior Fellow Todd Lester and Kathe deNobriga of the Arts & Democracy Project.

To read the full article visit:

Text reposted from


fD Founder Todd Lester's Lanchonete project featured on BOMBLOG
Lanchonete is a time and site-specific artist residency project with an underlying focus on alternative economy, modes of exchange and societal witnessing in a neighborhood in the center of Sao Paolo, an area home to economic migrants from across South America and undergoing rapid gentrification.

As Latin American cities go, Sao Paolo is the big tough kid on the block. With over 20 million inhabitants, Sao Paolo a.k.a. Sampa or Cidade da Garoa (City of Drizzle), is perhaps best categorized by its Latin motto Non ducor, duco which translates "I am not led, I lead".

Boiled down, Lanchonete is a constructive critique of the growing/ vague-ing residency sector; a contemplation of gentrification as a way of life (one that is related to other "-ations", e.g. globalisation, brazilianification, commodification); a workplace and station of witness…the panopticon remixed.

To read the full interview with Todd Lester, visit: 
Text reposted from

Stakeholder Spotlight: Chaw Ei Thein in Sandaya: Burmese Lessons @ Atlas Performing Arts Center – July 11-14 & 18-21

Alliance for New Music-Theatre kicks off their new performance series in July with the Washington, DC premiere of Sandaya: Burmese Lessons.  The collaborative performance explores the culturally rich artistry and complexity of the long troubled and still struggling Myanmar.  Conce
ived by Susan Galbraith and Kit Young with Chaw Ei Thein, the piece features a talented and dynamic roster of artists including Thein, U Yin Htwe, Meghan McCall, Kyay Thee, U Tun Kyi, Erle Taylor aka Ko Than Win, and Myanmar Pyi Kyauk Sein.  This new work sheds light on recent social and political events and brings a heightened awareness to Myanmar and its people.

Sandaya : Burmese Lessons
 traces the journey of a young American pianist as she learns Burmese language and unique piano style (sandaya). Her story captures her relationships with a Burmese performance artist and U Ko Ko, her piano teacher, as all three become caught up in the struggle between artistic expression and tyranny. The multi-media performance also features Burmese dance, drumming, and puppetry, and music by composer Kit Young as it tells a contemporary tale of the resiliency of a culture and its artists.
For more information visit:
Text reposted from

Applications for the 2013-2014 Queer/Art/Mentorship Cycle are open till June 28!

Queer/Art/Mentorship was founded on the belief that the more vibrant and supported the queer artistic community is, the more porous its boundaries will become, thereby cultivating superior artistry and sustainable creative careers.

Honoring the differences between the generations within the queer artistic community and the diversity of choices, values, esthetics, and opportunities in artists’ lives, the program supports a rich communion, working against a natural segregation between generations and disciplines. Its goal is to build an interconnected web of queer artists of all generations and mediums who know each other and each other's work.
Queer/Art/Mentorship was created to support artists in the process of creating this community.
Application Deadline: Friday, June 28, 2013 at 5pm EST


IIE Fellowship for Threatened Scholars – DEADLINE: July 5

The Institute of International Education's (IIE) Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) is pleased to announce a call for applications from scholars facing threats to their lives or academic work. Fellowships support temporary academic positions at colleges, universities and other research institutions outside their home countries anywhere in the world.    

Since IIE-SRF's founding in 2002, the program has provided academic fellowships to over 500 scholars from 50 countries, placing them at nearly 300 host partner institutions in 40 countries.       

Who can apply:
Professors, researchers and public intellectuals from any country, field or discipline may apply. Please refer eligible candidates and forward this announcement to any academic colleagues who may be interested. 

  • Qualifying applicants are currently facing or have recently fled from direct and immediate threats.
  • Preference is given to scholars with a Ph.D. or other terminal degree in their field and who have extensive teaching or research experience at a university, college or other institution of higher learning.
  • We strongly encourage applications from female scholars and under-represented groups.

Students or professionals seeking funding to pursue academic studies or training are not eligible.

Information on eligibility and criteria can be found here.

In order to continue providing critical support to culture workers at risk, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TODAY!

SRF Iraq Scholar Rescue Project – For Scholars

The Scholar Rescue Fund (SRF) Iraq Scholar Rescue Project provides fellowship assistance to enable established scholars facing urgent security concerns in Iraq to resume their academic activities in safety. After fellowship awards are announced, Scholar Rescue Fund staff assist scholar-grantees to find temporary academic positions at institutions of higher learning in the Middle East and North Africa region. (Some exceptions may be considered for university positions in other world regions.) Scholar-grantees are expected to teach, research or publish at host institutions. While pursuing their academic work, scholar-grantees are expected to continue to educate Iraqi students within and outside of Iraq.

SRF fellowship funding provides assistance for initial relocation to the host institution, as well as a living stipend for a one-year period. Fellowships may be renewed for a second and final year. Fellowship awards are issued in three installments directly to the scholar upon arrival at the host institution. Fellowship payments are contingent upon confirmation of the scholar's continued fulfillment of the fellowship requirements and all obligations agreed upon between the scholar and the host institution.

To download a one-page information document on the Iraq Scholar Rescue Project please click here

Forms for SRF Iraq Scholars

To download the mid-term report please click here

To download the end of fellowship report please click here

Repairing the house, building the community – Forum theater and Eco-building seminar – Peace and Collaborative Development Netwo

Come learn, work, share and create with us in Abruzzo (Italy) In A week of exchanging and gaining practical knowledge on how to build and repair your own house with local and natural materials and with and in harmony with the earth itself… Furthermore during the week we will create collaboratively a forum (possibly legislative) play to be us

ed to dialogue with communities on self-building and ecological building techniques. 

The part on self building ecologically would be lead by master Eco-craftsman Francesco D'Ingiullo.
We would learn how to use what we find to build and adapt our environment in non intrusive way and in harmony with the natural surrounding using the earth itself and simple natural materials .

The part of creating a forum-legislative play would be lead by theater facilitators Uri Noy Meir, Ilaria Olimpico. We will experiment with Image theater, Forum theater and 

You will be helping us to realize a dream and we hope we could help to realize your dreams and desires for a better more sustainable and in solidarity world. ..Rainbow of Desire techniques to explore the theme of Eco and self building. 

Working in the cooler hours of the morning and afternoon, the hot hours you could go to the nearby beach, local vineyard or just rest between the lovely trees of the forest.
In the Evenings we would gather around a fire to share stories and engage in theater games and image theater that can help us to create a community that celebrates and summons a more sustainable and Eco-friendly lifestyle. 
We offer you a place to place your tent in the grounds of the workshop. But we can also help you find a place in a local B&B, camping or hotel.
Workshop dates are from July 19th till July 26th (you can arrive also on the evening of the 18th if you want). * Cost for the training is a symbolic 50 euro that includes some joined yummy vegetarian  pasta meals.. 

Sign up soon limited places!;; +393342834302

E-Rang – Fortnightly Theatre Journal Issue 71 and 72: Web Links and Bulletin Board


Bertolt Brecht's Berliner Ensemble faces eviction

Theatre company may be forced to leave the Berlin theatre it has called home for almost 60 years over rental contract row

An appeal from the Kattaikutta Sangam

The Kattaikuttu Sangam needs support to realize their dream of travelling to Chicago and working together with the Global Girls to have their performances seen and voices heard.

Fundamentals of Arts Management: ATSA Workshop in Goa

ARThinkSouthAsia PRESENTS ATSA – Short Course in Goa, an ATSA initiative with Goa Centre for Alternative Photography (Goa-CAP) Apply now. Last date for receiving applications is 28 July 2013.

The Last Days of an Artiste

Achyut Lahkar, pioneer of Assam's legendary mobile theatre, lies penniless and forgotten in his old age

The International Student Playscript Competition

The International Student Playscript Competition (ISPC) is a playwright competition open to anyone aged 16 to 25 based anywhere in the world. Read More




IFA Reminder: Deadline for ARD draft proposals

India Foundation for the Arts (IFA) is happy to announce that we are now accepting proposals under our Arts Research and Documentation programme (ARD) for the year 2013-2014. We have already begun receiving proposals. As a matter of fact, our first deadline for receiving draft proposals is on June 15, 2013, which is less than a week away. You can call, email or send us your proposals by post. If you would like to discuss your project ideas with our programme executives this is the time to do so. The deadline for FINAL proposals is July 15, 2013. Click here for more information.


Job Opening: Programme Executive, Arts Education, IFA

Are you passionate about exploring and sharing new approaches to learning in the classroom? Have you ever thought about how the arts could inspire alternative perspectives on and approaches to the process of learning and teaching? Do you like the thought of being able to facilitate fantastic work, even while staying behind the scenes? If yes, then India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), Bangalore needs you! IFA is looking for individuals with ideas, courage and determination, to helm its Arts Education programme.

Key Responsibilities:
Managing, communicating and implementing IFA's Arts Education programme, consisting of grant making and teacher training.
Developing strategies to strengthen IFA's intervention in the field.
Maintaining and enhancing relationships built over the last four years with government bodies in education. Since 2009, this programme has mainly focused on arts-based teacher training for government school teachers in Karnataka under an initiative titled Kali-Kalisu.
Facilitating seminars and conferences bringing together various stakeholders in arts education. Managing programmatic budgets. Sharing responsibility with other programme staff to develop grant-making policies and strategies, reviewing proposals, and monitoring and evaluating grants.
Working closely with staff from other departments to ensure that processes are adhered to, the reach of the programme is widened and grant outcomes are showcased and disseminated.
In time, the successful candidate may be expected to take on wider institutional responsibilities.

Job Requirements:
Applicants should be mature professionals with eight or more years of experience in research and/or teaching, or managing programmes in the arts or humanities in India and have an interest in education and the arts.
They should be conversant with current issues and debates, particularly in the areas of arts education and be able to engage with a wide variety of methodologies and approaches to the arts in India.
They should demonstrate ideational ability, potential for leadership, a good sense of strategy, financial management skills, and be able to network and represent the organisation in different forums.
They should be able to critically analyse and evaluate developments in the field and in their programme.
Knowledge of languages other than English, especially Kannada, will be considered an additional qualification.
y should be good writers and public communicators.

Position Location:
Bangalore. This position also entails considerable travel within Karnataka.

Rs 6 Lakh to 8 Lakh depending on experience and skill. The successful candidate will be appointed for five years on a contractual basis.

Applications, addressed to the Executive Director, India Foundation for the Arts, must reach IFA by June 30, 2013.
Applicants should include a covering letter, a detailed resume, a statement of interest in this position and an educational and professional reference. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
Short-listed candidates may be requested to give a telephonic interview and/or be interviewed in Bangalore at the beginning of July 2013, and will be expected to join IFA from the middle of July 2013.

Send your applications by email to with the subject line 'Programme Executive, Arts Education' or by post to:

Ref: Programme Executive, Arts Education
C/O Executive Director
India Foundation for the Arts
Apoorva – Ground Floor
No 259, 4th Cross
Raj Mahal Vilas 2nd Stage, 2nd Block
Bangalore – 560094
Tel: +91-23414681/2/3


International Lab for Arts Managers

International Lab for Arts Managers November 4 – December 2, 2013

4-week intensive practical Lab at Russian Drama Theatre for creative and enthusiastic individuals who are curious and passionate about performing arts, motivated to learn and ambitious to develop their career at international level. The programme will be particularly relevant and valuable to existing arts managers and arts administrators, working in various creative industries, seeking further professional development, interested in finding new international network opportunities and collaboration.

Several partial scholarships available. The number of spots is limited. For application and more practical details, please send the following documents to Letter of motivation stating your interest in joining the Lab and detailed CV. Latest head shot with 2-3 additional photos. Any additional material describing professional experience: links to past projects, photo, video, reviews, articles, interviews, etc. More information click here


Workshop on Lighting for Theatre and Dramatic Performances

Workshop on Lighting for Theatre and Dramatic Performances

THEATRECONNEKT, based in Thrissur, Kerala, working in interdisciplinary and intercultural theatre is a creative platform of both academics and practice. Workshops, seminars, residencies, in various areas of theatre making are part of our regular activities in addition to productions, festivals and management consultancy for art organizations.

Its workshop wing, 'THEATRECONNEKT-Atelier' is organizing 'Workshop on Lighting for Theatre and Dramatic Performance' from 26 to 30, August 2013, at Thrissur, Kerala.

Along with a general introduction to basics of electricity and lighting for performance, the workshop will discuss light in nature and in art, focusing on its emotional and psychological effects on human beings. A non-linear journey through time and culture will take us from natural light to figured light and the creative mechanisms used in Dramatics & Theatre Performances. In concordance with the multifaceted nature of light, the workshop will be a mix of rich practical, theory and observation. The course will cover most modern lighting systems, equipments, accessories, including computer aided design.

The workshop will be lead by eminent resource persons and is in collaboration with 'Cameo' a leading supplier for lighting equipments and accessories.

The workshop will cover the area such as Electricity and its basics/ History of the art of Lighting / Understanding Lighting for Dramatics & Theatre Performances / Difference between lighting and illumination / Power of lighting in Theatre – Lighting for special functions and needs/ Lighting Design and Execution / Types of lighting / Lighting Effects / Lighting Equipments / Computer aided Lighting Design.

By the end of the course, participant can gather basic understanding about designing of lighting in a theatre space-from approaching a creative performance piece as a lighting designer to plan, rig and program the cues.

General Information

Workshop Dates : Monday 26 to Friday 30, August 2013.
Maximum number of participants : 20 persons only
Place : Thrissur, Kerala.
Venue : Black-box Theater, Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi.
Workshop Fee per participant : Rs. 8,500.00 (Including Non-A/c on twin sharing)
    : Rs. 7,000.00 (Without accommodation)
Mode of Admission : First come first served basis
Payment : 50% advance on application.
    : 50% at the time of reporting.
Mode of Payment : DD/Cash favoring 'Theatreconnekt'
Last date to apply : 20 July 2013 (For option with accommodation)
    : 30 July 2013 (For option without accommodation)
Contact : Kesavan Nambudiri (Coordinator): +91 98471 88288
    : Sreejith Ramanan (Workshop Director): +91 99470 20742
    : Email:


A fortnightly theatre e-journal from the India Theatre Forum Co-Editors: Vikram Iyengar, Joyoti Roy. Contribute your articles to e-Rang and become part of this theatre community! Email us at to know more about how to contribute.

The India Theatre Forum (ITF) was formed in 2006 as a loose association of theatre people coming together in the larger interests of theatre. For more on the ITF, please visit