Come learn, work, share and create with us in Abruzzo (Italy) In A week of exchanging and gaining practical knowledge on how to build and repair your own house with local and natural materials and with and in harmony with the earth itself… Furthermore during the week we will create collaboratively a forum (possibly legislative) play to be us

ed to dialogue with communities on self-building and ecological building techniques. 

The part on self building ecologically would be lead by master Eco-craftsman Francesco D'Ingiullo.
We would learn how to use what we find to build and adapt our environment in non intrusive way and in harmony with the natural surrounding using the earth itself and simple natural materials .

The part of creating a forum-legislative play would be lead by theater facilitators Uri Noy Meir, Ilaria Olimpico. We will experiment with Image theater, Forum theater and 

You will be helping us to realize a dream and we hope we could help to realize your dreams and desires for a better more sustainable and in solidarity world. ..Rainbow of Desire techniques to explore the theme of Eco and self building. 

Working in the cooler hours of the morning and afternoon, the hot hours you could go to the nearby beach, local vineyard or just rest between the lovely trees of the forest.
In the Evenings we would gather around a fire to share stories and engage in theater games and image theater that can help us to create a community that celebrates and summons a more sustainable and Eco-friendly lifestyle. 
We offer you a place to place your tent in the grounds of the workshop. But we can also help you find a place in a local B&B, camping or hotel.
Workshop dates are from July 19th till July 26th (you can arrive also on the evening of the 18th if you want). * Cost for the training is a symbolic 50 euro that includes some joined yummy vegetarian  pasta meals.. 

Sign up soon limited places!;; +393342834302