Palestinian Mental Health Workers Graduate with an International Certification in Trauma Therapy

On 7th of July, thirteen Palestinian mental health workers from the Jenin District will graduate from the Trauma Response Training Program – an intensive, 18-month program run by The Freedom Theatre in partnership with the USA-based Therapeutic Spiral Institute.

The Trauma Response Training Program was the first long-term psychodrama training program to be offered in the West Bank of occupied Palestine. Program participants included 13 mental health workers from various organizations including YMCA, Ministry of Education, Arab American School and the Women’s Cultural and Heritage Association. The program was led by Ben Rivers, an international trainer and Registered Drama Therapist from Australia. Psychodrama practitioners from Switzerland, Italy and the USA also provided training to program participants.

The Therapeutic Spiral Institute will award graduates of the program with an International Certification in Trauma Therapy using the Therapeutic Spiral Model™.  

The graduation ceremony will take place on July 7 at 10am–12noon at North Gate Hotel, Jenin.  Journalists and reporters are welcome to attend.

"Over the past 1.5 years, the graduates of this program have engaged in a profound journey of self-discovery and professional development. They have worked deeply to recognize and develop their unique strengths and resources whilst simultaneously addressing their own histories of hardship and oppression. Through many hours of study and practice these graduates have also developed their skills and knowledge in trauma healing and psychotherapy. The graduates of this program have therefore proven their ability to undertake and succeed in the long and sometimes difficult process towards becoming an effective clinician. For this, each graduate is worthy of sincere respect and applause. In addition, we should also thank these graduates for the pioneering efforts they have taken within the new and exciting field of Psychodrama in Palestine."

– Ben Rivers, Director, Applied Theatre Program, The Freedom Theatre.