Dear Friends and Colleagues,
It is my utter pleasure to announce the Opening of *Antje Oegel
International*, an agency that will represent both American and
International playwrights, directors, and designers in the US as well as
abroad.  We are based in Chicago and Berlin, creating a network of
international artists and institutions.

It has been a dream of mine for years to play an active role in facilitating
cultural exchange, introducing foreign voices to American Theater and
promoting wonderful American artists to theaters and producers overseas.  I
plan to develop and promote collaboration with and between Artists and
Agencies in countries all over the world and to foster a network of
theaters, producers and creators, who are interested in each other's work,
exchange ideas and develop productions.

I believe that theater is the place for exchange – the exchange of cultures,
ideas, wishes, and hopes.   Only by being curious about one another and by
seeing the world through each others' eyes will we truly start understanding
and communicating with one another.   What we learn about, exchange and
share with each other strengthens not only our own individual voice, but
also that of our collective community and common humanity, which in turn,
causes us to look differently at ourselves.  I would like to contribute to
that exchange.

I proudly introduce you to my first clients.  Each of them is a wonderful
artist, with a unique voice.  What they all have in common is that they are
all participants in this exchange.  They are interested in being influenced
by and in influencing other worlds.

I look forward to soon having the opportunity to tell you more about the
agency, discuss my clients' work, and/or simply re-connect.

Best Wishes,


Antje Oegel
AO International
1963 W. Foster Ave. #2
Chicago – IL 60640

Ph.: 773-754 7628
Cell: 773-910 5691


*Thomas Bradshaw –* is a playwright whose work's boldness and power has
intrigued me for the past several years. The first play of his that I saw
was PROPHET, which created within me an inner revolt and left me with
disbelief about what I had just seen. I couldn't shake it off and felt that
here was somebody who was doing something extremely powerful. Since then,
Thomas has written several plays and his writing skills continue to become
more and more refined. Thomas' plays are politically incorrect. He is
challenging a play's traditional structure and feels no need to explain or
judge his characters' actions. He is an observer who gives us a heightened
reality, an aesthetic he calls "Hyper-Realism".
           His play SOUTHERN PROMISES (6m, 2f) will be produced at PS
122/NYC from September 6th through September 27th.  DAWN (2m, 4f) is
currently workshopped at NYTW and will be presented in its German
translation in the Festival "Voices from Underground Zero" in October at the
Theater Bielefeld/Germany. His other plays are: PROPHET, PURITY, CLEANSED,
STROM THURMOND IS NOT A RACIST, all published by Samuel French. He has been
featured as one of *Time Out New York's *ten playwrights to watch, as one of
*Paper Magazine's* Beautiful People, and Best Provocative Playwright by the
*Village Voice*. He recently finished an adaptation of the *Book Of
Job,*commissioned by Soho Rep./NYC.

*Jason Grote –* Every once in a while a storyteller comes your way who is
capable of telling the most elaborate and fantastic stories that leave you
filled with wonderment and excitement.  Jason's work captured me the first
moment I saw a reading of his play, 1001, at Soho Rep.  With intricate
metaphorical images, humorous wordplays and artfully interwoven storylines,
he conjured up new, yet strangely familiar worlds before my very eyes.  Through
his work, Jason enters the place where fantasy meets reality.  Ghosts
populate a world that is falling apart as characters try to find their place
in strange, apocalyptical spheres, where they are confronted with a new
reality.  Yet there is always that silver lining that gives love and hope.
           1001 was developed at Soho Rep '05 and the O'Neill Conference
'06, and originally produced at Denver Center Theater '07.  It had several
regional productions, went on to receive its commercial Off-Broadway run in
'07, and will be produced by Mixed Blood in October '08.   Jason's newest
play, MARIA/STUART, will open the season at Woolly Mammoth and run from
August 18 to September 14.  His other plays include BOX AMERICANA, HAMILTON
working on commissions for Denver Center Theater, Clubbed Thumb, and
Ensemble Studio Theater's Sloan Science & Technology Project.

Elizabeth Hess –* LIVING OPENLY & NOTORIOUSLY is the title of Elizabeth's
Solo Trilogy – parts of which she has performed in the US, as well as
internationally, in Scotland, Germany, Spain and Armenia. This title could
also be her life motto. Elizabeth is an artistic force who is not afraid to
go deep into the dark places of the human soul. Through her writing and her
performing, she is constantly experimenting with language and physicality in
her search for visceral and embodied ways to tell her stories. This is what
makes her work so special to me. She is also curious about how other art
forms and cultures express their stories and how she can weave this into her
own artistic expression.
           Elizabeth is currently rehearsing her Solo Trilogy in Canada
with Director, Daryl Cloran. A commercial Off-Broadway production of the
trilogy in rotating rep is planned for March – April 2009, to be
followed with a run at the Baltimore Theatre Project from April 27th through
May 10th. Elizabeth is currently developing her new three character play,
C**T, and is collaborating with Dawn Saito on a multi-disciplinary project
about systematic rape called HOLE.<

*Rebekah Maggor –*There is energy in her work that pulled me off my chair
the first moment I read it.  It is an energy created by the collision of
different worlds and the abundance of questions she asks throughout her
work.  As an Israeli-American artist, Rebekah is at home in two countries
and is deeply interested in how different cultures influence one another.
Her work is informed by the artistic exchange she fosters with a wide
network of international artists.
           Her play, TWO DAYS AT HOME THREE DAYS IN PRISON (2m,1f), set in
a military prison in Israel, introduces us to a world that seems foreign and
in doing so, opens it up for us.  This play was workshopped at NYTW and in
London at the Old Vic.  Rebekah is currently developing two new plays:
RATHAUS SHIVA (3m, 3f), which received a grant from the Foundation for
Jewish Culture and will be workshopped at the Long Wharf Theatre, and
FRONTIER THEORY (2m, 2f), commissioned by the Catalyst Collaborative @ MIT,
and co-written with astrophysicist Dr. James Battat.  She has also written
and performed SHAKESPEARE'S ACTRESSES, a solo show exploring the different
interpretation of Shakespeare throughout the last century.  It was produced
at the Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater and the Huntington Theatre Company.

*Adriana Sevan * – Her first play TAKING FLIGHT, a solo show she also
performs, was an immediate hit.  It went from the Sundance Theatre Lab to
the world premiere produced at Center Theatre Group/LA. The play was later
recorded by LA Theatre Works, broadcasted on public radio and was a finalist
for the 2008 Audie Award for Best Solo Narrative.  After playing to full
houses at San Diego Rep, TAKING FLIGHT, won the 2007 San Diego Theatre
Critics Award and is currently paying to sold out houses at the Goodman
Theatre as part of their International Latino Theater Festival. Stages
Theatre in Houston will produce the play in their upcoming season.
           It is one of the few truly intimate and healing stories about
friendship, loss, and recovery – with September 11th as a backdrop – that I
have come across. Adriana is a playwright who allows her characters to go on
a journey, giving them the freedom to really find out what it is that they
need and going fearlessly along with them on the trip. There is a spirit in
her work that comes to life in her plays that will move and seduce you.
           Adriana's work has been developed at South Coast Repertory, Mark
Taper Forum, The Lark Theatre, and Sundance. As member of the 2008-'09 Mark
Taper Playwrights Lab, led by Pier Carlo Talenti, she is currently working
on a play about her family, who escaped the Armenian Genocide in 1915.

*Sound designer/composer*

*Katie Down* – is one of the finest sound designers and stage composers,
whose work I have had the pleasure to experience.  I remember very clearly
the first time that I heard her music which was during Rachel
Dickstein's/Ripe Time's production of INNOCENTS in NYC.   The music brought
my understanding of and connection to the piece to a whole new level.  Her
telling of the story was so sensual, provocative, and incredibly beautiful
that I continue to listen to the play's soundtrack. She has worked with a
variety of off-Broadway theatre companies including Target Margin, the
Culture Project, EST, etc.
           Katie is also a gifted musician, an inventor and collector of
unusual musical instruments (check out her glass instruments, lithophone,
steel cello, etc.) and has her own Ukulele-Band, the Ukuladies in which she
sings, plays uke and a host of other instruments. Yet another thing that I
love about her is the influence that Eastern European music – the fast brass
band dance tunes as well as the wonderful female a cappella songs – has on
her work.  She has worked in Eastern Europe and South Africa as well as the
United States.
           Katie is currently developing a piece with Sheila Callaghan and
Daniela Topol that is supported in part by the Baryshnikov Foundation and is
a recent recipient of the prestigious Meet The Composer Grant for an
evening-length performance of glass percussion instruments in September.

AO International
ph: 773-754 7628
cell: 773-910 5691