E-BULLETIN: September 2008

Welcome to Playwrights' Studio, Scotland's September E-bulletin.

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Studio News
Applications Now Open for 2008/09 Mentoring Session
Fuse Script Reading Service 
Translation Resource

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Writer in Residence Wanted 
Robert McLellan Award for Playwriting
Hampstead Theatre's Start Night 
HighTide Festival
Days Like This 
Future Perfect 2009 
STAGE International Script Competition 
Acid Theatre Playwright Competition
One Act Play Competition 2009

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Scottish Society of Playwrights' New Website
Writers' Groups at the Traverse Theatre
Soho Theatre Writing Workshop
Writing for Radio: Movies in the Mind
Drama: The Next Stage
The Workers' Educational Association Playwrights Workshop
Stephen Jeffreys' Weekend Masterclass
Dealing With Writing
Writing Theatre for Younger Audiences

Script Reading Service

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Quick Links
The Playwrights' Network
Scottish Society of Playwrights 

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The Playwrights' Network

The Playwrights Network links regional organisations which work to develop playwrights (and sometimes writers working in other media too) across the UK.Click on the map below to find an organisation in your area.


The Scottish Society of Playwrights (SSP)

A professional members' organisation that represents, develops and promotes the interests and craft of professional Scottish playwrights working within the theatre sector. 

To become a member or for more information about the Society, please see their website www.scottishsocietyofplaywrights.co.uk
or email administrator@scottishsocietyofplaywrights.co.uk

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