A series of stirring monologues from courageous women around the 

 world engaged in the dangerous struggle for human rights. Each of these 

 remarkable and heroic leaders tells an inspiring story of commitment. in Association with Vital Voices Global Partnership presents: 

JOURNEYS Presents the Personal Testimonies of: 

Series A: 

Inez McCormack (Northern Ireland) by Carol K Mack 

Mukhtaran Mai (Pakistan) by Susan Yankowitz 

Mu Sochua (Cambodia) by Catherine Filloux 

Series B: 

Hafsat Abiola (Nigeria) by Anna Deavere Smith 

Farida Azizi (Afghanistan) by Ruth Margraff 

Anabella de Leon (Guatemala) by Gail Kriegel 

Marina Pisklakova-Parker (Russia) by Paula Cizmar < span style="font: normal normal normal 12px/normal Helvetica"> 


The lives of these women provide a portal through which audiences will be able to experience a 

diversity of cultures while bearing witness to the varied ways in which individual women have 

overcome insurmountable hurdles to justice and freedom.”   Melanne Verveer, Chair and Founder  

Vital Voices Global Partnership. 

La MaMa e.t.c. 74A East 4th Street New York, NY Tickets $18 (212) 475-7710 or online at 

JOURNEYS is made possible by a consortium grant from the National Endowment of the Arts 


Date 2:30 pm 8:00 pm 

October 2 Series A 

October 3 Series B 

October 4 Series A 

October 5 Series B Series A 

October 10 Series A 

October 11 Series A Series B 

October 12 Series B Series B 

October 18 Series A 

October 19 Series A Series B 

Performance Times 

Directed by 

Evan Yionoulis 


Betsy Aidem*  Terry Donnelly*  Mercedes Herrero*  Rachael Holmes* 

Christine Toy Johnson*  Alexandra Napier*   Reena Shah* 


Stage Manager Melissa M. Spengler* 

Lighting Design Burke Brown 

Sound Design Sharath Patel 

*Equity Approved Showcase