When disaster strikes, Playback responds: Announcing upcoming 2014 courses 

Join Playback co-founder, Jo Salas, and seasoned Playback trainer, Pamela Freeman in Cambridge, MA from May 15 through May 18, as they explore how to approach trauma stories in the wake of disaster. Included will be topics such as relationship-building within the community prior to offering performances, and enacting individual stories with awareness and safety.

When disaster, whether natural or human-made, strikes a community, we often have a strong impulse to offer Playback Theatre to those who have been affected. This training is a wonderful way as a Playback community to discuss and work on issues around trauma that are becoming more common in the stories we are hearing. 


Designed for company members with three or more years' experience, Collective Trauma: Playback Responds will yield new knowledge, insight and techniques that can strengthen and enrich our practice.

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