10th International Festival of Making Theater. (Greece) Invitation for participants

The 10th International Festival of Making Theater,

will be held in Athens, Greece,

June 29th – July 5th 2014.

During a whole week of creative interaction, Theater Makers from different parts of the world will have the opportunity to share and get acquainted with new working methods and ideas, regarding the following three sectors: Acting, Movement and Voice.

English will be the official language of the festival.

Especially for this year Theater of Changes will host the following workshops:

Ahmet Akviran , Turkey

Sigrid Seberich, Italy

The neutral mask

Gamal Yakout, Egypt

Let’s tell a story

Kiara Pipino, Italy

Movement for actors: Michael Chekhov

Annie G. Levy, U.S.A.

Creating Devised theatre and performance

Cosmin Chivu, Romania

Narrative storytelling and performance techniques 

Diane Smith-Sadak, U.S.A.

Actors as athletes: Yoga , Suzuki training and other physical work to overcome actors cultural stasis

Ilaria Tucci, Italy

New deal for Europe-politics in performance

Imola Nagy, Hungary

Sensing the body

Ali al sayed, United Arab Emirates

Mina Liccione, U.S.A.

Don’t think , improvise! 

Eileen Jackson, France

Bodysonic-Exploring the physicality and emotions of sounds 

Roger Elis, U.S.A.

From page to stage: Voice, Movement & Shakespeare Performance 

Sybil St. Claire, U.S.A.

Theater of the oppressed and collaborative playmaking: using personal stories as sourse material

Evdokimos Tsolakidis, Greece

Find your own personal method

Evdokimos Tsolakidis will present with group III “Walking and Falling”.

Mina Liccione and Ali Al Sayed will play “Body Percussion” with all groups

Annie G. Levy will present with group III "The Skriker"


Theater of Changes invites, actors, directors, drama/acting school students, dancers, choreographers, singers, acting, voice and movement teachers and finally all those with a vivid interest in performing arts to attend the workshops of the 10th International Festival of Making Theater (In.F.o.Ma.T.), which will be held June 29th – July 5th 2014 at the Theater of Changes, 19a, 3is Septemvriou str, 104 32, Athens, Greece.

Registration. To apply for participation candidates should sent a short C.V. toinfo@toc.gr and will receive payment guidelines.

Participation fee (for all the workshops) 160 Euros

(140 Euros for toc students and ITI menbers)

100 Euros for acting schools student groups (5+)                                       

It is noted that this amount covers only the cost of the workshops. All other expenses are the participant’s responsibility.

Theater of Changes can help participants to organise travelling, accommodation, and meals. Please contact us for more details.

For more information contact the Theater of Changes at info@toc.gr

Theater of Changes http://www.toc.gr 

Under the auspices of the Greek Center of the International Theater Institute.