Vacancy Announcement: Executive Assistant/Company Manager: Position: Part time hours, full time heart.  ( Heat Collective, New York)

The H.E.A.T. Collective ( a non-profit performing arts organization dedicated to the practices of Healing, Education, Activism and Theatre in the service of personal and social change,  is seeking an Executive Assistant/Company Manager.  


We are looking for a committed, hard working, and creative person to join the H.E.A.T. Collective team.  The candidate must be interested in Theatre for Personal and Social Change and able to manage, create and develop work with a small company in a growing field. Part time hours (flexible) , full time heart- opportunity for full time long-term expansion if appropriate.

The initial contract will be from Sept 2014 – December 2015.

Salary is commensurate with experience and although limited by current funding will grow as funding and infrastructure grows. This is a chance to be a part of a new venture based on years of experience both internationally and domestically.

The job includes opportunities for travel, free participation in workshops, and the opportunity to teach workshops down the road. The person in this position will have the chance to learn about current and previous work in the field of peacebuilding and performance in conflict zones, acquire tools for creative and ethical change and join a worldwide network of thoughtful practitioners doing like-minded work.

Executive Assistant/Company Manager:


1.     People person/close connection- to a democratic, collaborative group as a company member, co-producer

2.     A good sense of PR and marketing – action oriented, creative leadership

3.     Development experience or willingness to learn and master the basics of fundraising

4.     Vision a desire to be a part of something that will grow

5.     Belief in the values of the collective

6.     Business Experience: budget building and maintenance, computer skills

7.     Producing experience and /or interest in learning producing skills

8.     Teaching skills (not essential)

9.     Management skills, managing, hiring – managing, recruiting staff, artists, students

10.   Passion, curiosity, generosity and courage 


1.     Help build and maintain budget

2.     Devising and Implementing PR ideas

3.     Devising and implementing Fundraising ideas

4.     Management: Staff, artists, office, students

5.     Producing 

6.     Teaching (if desired)

7.     Research: grants, residencies, conferences, venues

8.     Event planning

9.     Website maintenance, and web presence

10.   Office management- filing, organizing, emails

The vision of the H.E.A.T. Collective is focused on using Theatre as a vehicle for personal and social change. The Collective functions as a democracy with members filling certain roles, responsible for certain aspects of company life. The collective is open to any and all artists interested in this kind of artistic activism. The core collective consists of five people:

1. AD/Playwright/Producer/Educator

2. Company Manager /Producer/Educator

3. Actor/ Producer/Educator

4. Director/ Producer/Educator

5. TD/ Designer/ Producer/Educator

Each member of the collective is both a producing partner, and a teacher with an opportunity to participate in the creative, educational, and production aspects of the company- with shared mission and equal voice.

2014-2015 PRODUCTION

1. Late summer/fall workshop- My Heart is in the East – NY

2. January Workshop: Emma Goldman Trilogy – NY

3. May/June Production- My Heart is in the East- Los Angeles/New York

4. Fall 2015 Production- EG Trilogy – New York/Washington D.C./Berkeley 

Please send letter of inquiry and CV to

(Interviews will occur July 15-18 and August 15-18 – start date: ASAP)

Jessica Litwak the founder and director of The H.E.A.T. Collective is a playwright, actor and activist.  In her lectures and workshops Jessica demonstrates how the tools of healing, education, activism and theatre, can work together. This work is a dynamic exploration of the theories and the practices that appertain to performance for personal and social change. We explore how devised, classical, contemporary, and ritual forms of performance can support communities and individuals in conflict.  We examine the theoretical aspects of the work including Moral Imagination, Paradoxical Curiosity, Art of Inquiry, and Conflict Transformation. We learn tools and theories for work with specific populations. We work with Litwak’s Voice Progression (a vibrant and effective vocal and physical warm up) Creative Voicing (performative writing) Character
Development, and Puppetry. We produce plays that are examples of excellent craft, useful, generous, provocative art that serves.   Litwak is a Registered Drama Therapist, and a trained practitioner of Playback, Psychodrama, Sociodrama and Theatre of the Oppressed work. Her work has been published by Applause Books, Smith and Krause, No Passport, and The New York Times.  She has taught theatre and performed in Iraq, Lebanon, India, Palestine, Israel, and Egypt, Italy, Turkey, Pakistan and Ukraine. Litwak is a core member of Theatre Without Borders and co-leads Artist Distress Services for freeDimensional.