Post Arab-Spring Islamism Conference: Call for Abstracts Deadline July 15, 2014-Turkey 

Call For Papers

Istanbul Think-House (IDE)

Islamism 2014 Conference

October 24-26, 2014

Istanbul, Turkey

Conference Theme: Islamism in the Post-Arab Spring World

Conference Co-chairs: Dr. Edip Asaf Bekaroğlu (Istanbul University) & Dr. Halil Ibrahim Yenigun (Istanbul Commerce University)

Deadline to submit an abstract: July 15, 2014

Istanbul Think-House (İstanbul Düşünce Evi [IDE]) invites you to send an abstract for theIslamism 2014 Conference, an exciting three-day themed event to be held on October 24-26, 2014 in Istanbul, Turkey. We welcome paper proposals about various aspects of Islamism ranging from its artistic manifestations to its economic premises.

Islamism has been one of the crucial topics for the last two centuries in international politics and culture. Some have demonized it as an ideology hostile to free societies and modernity; others have emphasized its emancipatory aspects. Some have declared the end of Islamism; others have argued that its adherents remain the dominant political players in contemporary Muslim-majority societies. There is, however, a wider consensus on its critical influence upon the contemporary Muslim world's internal and external relations.

The Islamism 2012 and Islamism 2013 conferences, also convened in Istanbul by the organizing committee, sparked a new Turkish debate on this trend in which several leading thinkers and scholars participated for several months. Islamism 2014 seeks to take this critical spirit further by opening up the conversation to the global audience by arranging an international themed conference. Certain sessions will be held in English. In addition to the specific conference theme, Islamism in the post-Arab Spring world, papers on the following topics are also welcome.

·        Islamist experimentations with government and power

·        Islamism and opposition

·        Islamism and secularity/secularism

·        Competing Islamisms

·        Islamism and Muslim nationalism/Muslimism

·        Comparative case analyses of Islamist movements

·        Relationships among Islamist movements

·        Post-Islamism

·        Islamism and locality vs. universality

·        Islamism and art

·        Islamism and social justice

·        Islamism and foreign policy

Please email your maximum 500-word abstract by July 15, 2014, to the organizing committee along with your name, affiliation, address, and phone number.

The conference is organized by Istanbul Think-House, an independent think-tank that seeks to foster knowledge-production processes free from vested power and the distortions caused by organized capital. For more information about IDE, please visit our webpage or read our manifesto. You can also e-mail us at