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Oak Institute Accepting Applications for 2019 Human Rights at the Border Fellowship

The focus of this year’s search is Human Rights at the Border. We are looking for a human rights activist who is committed to exposing and addressing human rights violations against migrants, immigrants, and refugees, for example, border patrol abuses, human rights violations in detention centers, or abusive immigration laws. The activist’s work may focus on the human rights of asylum seekers, refugees, migrant workers, or groups omitted from the 1951 UN Convention relating to the status of refugees, such as victims of climate change. 

Please submit nominations to us as soon as possible. We will contact your nominee(s) and suggest that he, she or they apply; but we also hope you will encourage your nominee to apply directly. Your nomination will become part of the applicant’s file, underscoring your recognition of this person’s important contributions to human rights activism. The deadline for nominations is November 30th, 2019,and for completed applications is December 30th, 2019


ArtsLink International Fellowshipprogram offers up to three years of support through the initial residency, a follow up project in the US (separate application call), and subsequently a project in the Fellow’s home country (separate application call). 

Application Deadline: October 30, 2019
Application and Guidelines


Adishakti Theatre 


ASHTAR Theatre International Youth Festival

ATiYF – 5th Edition
July 10 – 20, 2020

Every year our youth chose a title, a theme for the festival; this year’s theme is Artivism. We
define Artivism as artists who use their skills in socio-political activism.
ATiYF is an opportunity for mutual theatre and cultural learning, constructive dialogue and
solidarity, a chance for youth to speak up freely, raise social awareness and develop global
Artivism, enables our youth to become more active artists, citizens and social change mediators.

Final date to submit the application:
Saturday, December 21st 2019.

for more information


Mediations Beyond Borders International

Mediators Beyond Borders International is leading a global movement, and we’d love for you to be a part of it. The 2020 Decade of Peace Initiative invites individuals and organizations from around the world to join forces in advancing U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16: Peace, Justice, and Inclusive Societies. This initiative will focus on building capacity to scale the impact of programs designed to equip local communities around the world with mediation and conflict-transformation skills.
 Visit the website for more information


Theatrical translation as a creative process

The Schedule forOctober 10-13, 2019,as well as the Registration Form and other information, is now available at The Mercurian website:


Halcyon Arts Lab Cohort 2

Halcyon Arts Lab is currently home to eight socially driven artists working in multi-disciplinary media from choreography to poetry to visual arts. Their nine-month residency provides time and space to tackle issues including economic inequality, systemic racism, socio-political upheaval, indigenous incarceration, and other contemporary social justice issues. 
Meet the Fellows


Invitation: Opening Trainings for the Not-Yet
An exhibition as a series of trainings for a future of being together otherwise, convened with a multitude of collaborators by Jeanne van Heeswijk and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

Saturday 14 September 2019, 17 hrs
More information:
– Trainings for the Not-Yet
– Opening weekend Trainings for the Not-Yet and The City Staircase
– Training Program


Culture 360
The Magdalena Project 
American Dance Abroad
Bay Area Drama Company
Women in the Arts and Media Coalition