Join Climate Change Theatre Action by hosting an event in your community.

WHAT: CCTA is a global participatory project that uses theatre to bring communities together and encourage them to take local and global action on climate.

WHEN: September 15 – December 21, 2019 to coincide with the United Nations Santiago Climate Conference (COP25).

WHERE: Wherever you are.

WE PROVIDE: A collection of 50 short climate change plays from around the world written under the theme “Lighting the Way”; a list of resources to help make your Action effective and unique; organizational and marketing support; and a lot of enthusiasm!

YOUR CONTRIBUTION: You agree to organize and present an event between September 15 and December 21, 2019 using at least one of the plays from our collection. Your event can be anything from an intimate reading to a fully staged show, and from a podcast to a site specific performance.
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