by Zlatko Topčić

On a playground in Sarajevo, Bosnia, two basketball players are practicing for Olympiad, they consider themselves great talents and call themselves Pippin and MJ.  But our characters are very different from the great American basketball players from whom they borrowed the names – they lost their legs in the war and the Olympiad they are preparing for is for the disabled. During reversals they talk about life, how to handle it now – one believes that it would be better to be dead and another that there is a value even in this life as it is, and they are haunted by memories. The second part is in a bar in Germany, after they missed the most important shot at the Olympiad for handicapped. They meet a girl for entertainment there that is also from Bosnia and they finish together in the room – in a dream or in death?


Zlatko Topčić was born in Sarajevo on April 30, 1955. He graduated from Law School of the University of Sarajevo. Member PEN Center BiH I Association of writers of BiH.Director and art director Chamber theatar 55 Sarajevo. He has published the following collections of short stories: Životno pitanje (The Vital Question) (1981), Ptica iz drugog jata ( Bird From Another Flock, 1995), Bogumilske legende (Bogomil Legends) (1997)and Izabrane priče (Selected stories,2000); novels Čovjek niotkud (A Man From Nowhere, 1986), Kulin (1984), Košmar (Nightmare. 1997,1998,2000,2003.) and Gola koža (Bare skin,2004).The following collections of his plays have been published: Kolaps (Collapse) (1988), Izbjeglice (Refugees, 1998) Drame (Plays, 1995) and Time
out (2001). The following plays have been produced for the stage: Kolaps (Collapse, 1986), Kako Musa dere jarca (Musa and the Goat, 1993), Kulin ban (1995), Refugees (1999.) Plaza hotel (2000.) Time out (Bretton Holl,UK:Leeds,London-2002.) and Glavom kroz zid (MTM,2004.)
His stories and dramas have been translated to English, Polish, French, Bulgarian, Slovenian, Italian, Czech, Turkish and German, and they were included in several anthologies. He was also the scriptwriter for several documentary films: Odazivam Ti se, Bože (I Respond to You, God), Krv i mošus (Blood and Musk), Čudo u Bosni (Miracle in Bosnia), and U najboljim godinama (The Best Years Ever). Radio Sarajevo has produced seven of his radio plays.


He is the laureate of the most prestigious B&H literary award: THE B&H WRITERS’ ASSOCIATION ANNUAL AWARD FOR BEST BOOK PUBLISHED IN 1997, for his novel Košmar (Nightmare), first award at the anonymous concourse for film scenario awarded by Association of Film Makers of BH (Remake,1999.-World Premiere Rotterdam Film Festival 2003,directed Dino Mustafić),first award at the anonymous concourse for theatre plays (Time out,2000. and Glavom kroz zid, 2004).