by Zdenka Becker

A world class poet from Bosnia sits in a posh bar while wrestling his war demons. Searching for the life inside the poignant memory of death, he brings his listeners deep inside the terminal pain of war with the graceful humor of a poet. 


Zdenka Becker was born in Eger in the Czech Repbulic, was raised in Bratislava in Slovakia and has been living and working in Austria since 1975. She holds degrees from the University of Economics in Bratislava and the University of Vienna. She has, in addition to her work as a writer, worked as an actor, dramaturg, director, journalist, teacher and translator. She is the author of numerous plays and novels. Her work has received many awards, including the Theodor Körner prize in 1995 and the 2000 prize of the Conference of the Modern Austrian Literature and Culture Association.