The following TCG Circle salon series are all connected to themes of artistry & artistic innovation. If you would like to participate in any of these series, please email Gus Schulenburg.

  1. 2014 TCG National Conference Salon
  2. 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach–Artistic Innovation Salon
  3. Artistry & Artistic Innovation Salon

2014 TCG National Conference Salon

This salon has not yet begun, but will focus on the specific artistry themes of the 2014 TCG National Conference.

2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach–Artistic Innovation Salon

The Artistic Innovation blog salon was curated by Artistic Innovation Online Curator Caridad Svich for the Artistic Innovation arc at the 2013 TCG National Conference: Learn Do Teach in Dallas. This salon was inspired by Howard Shalwitz’s keynote address at the 2012 TCG National Conference: Model the Movement. While this specific salon is closed, we continue to welcome posts connected to artistry & artistic innovation.

Caridad Svich’s Opening Remarks on Artistic Innovation,  by Caridad Svich

Toward a Neo-Cubist Alamkara Vocal Art for Playwriting, by Ruth Margraff.Somatic Thoughts on Artistic Innovation, by Rachel Bowditch. The Director’s Placeby Aravind Enrique Adyanthaya. Fornes and Artistic Mentorship, by Anne Garcia-Romero. The Way Forward Is Vision, by Tameka Cage Conley.An Educated Gamble, by Daniel Gallant. Hand in Hand, by Catherine Coray.On the Heels of an Encuentro, Part 2, by Jesus Reyes. Arts Entrepreneurship: You are closer than you think, by Jim Hart and Gary D. Beckman. The audience: Friend, foe, or innocent bystander? Or, questions about the intersection of art and community. by Leila Buck. Witness and Responsibility, by Stacie Chaiken. Journeys Taken, Journeys to Go, by Barclay Goldsmith. Beyond the “Dead Playwright” Approach, by Mariana Carreño King


Life/Art Lessons from the Trenches by Charlotte Meehan. Innovation: An Unlikely Incubator for New Work by Alice Regan. Agents of Change by Dominic D’Andrea. Let There Be Light by Doug Howe. An Interview with Morm Sokly by Catherine Filloux. Artistic Innovation Essay by E.M. Lewis. Innovation Takes Time; Time Takes Money by Andrea Lepcio.Innovation/Collaboration by Michael John Garcés. Performance Theater and the Politics of Inclusion by José Torres-Tama. Occupying Opera by Joseph Keckler. Against Mastery by David Herskovitz. Geographies of Language: An interview with John Jesurun by Caridad Svich. Innovation in the Writing by Octavio Solis. If Someone Calls My Name: Innovation in Theatre by Zac Kline.Bridging Dallas by Caridad Svich. Verwandlung by Stephanie Fleischmann.Towards a Slow Theatre by Lisa Schlesinger.  Artistry and Innovation by Heather Woodbury. Let’s by Julie Felise Dubiner. YAY, INNOVATION! WAIT, INNOVATION? by Chris Wells. We’re all in the same boat: gatekeepers and fragile ecologies by Fin Kennedy. The push and the pull… The innovation dance by Jennifer Maisel. The Future from Where You Are Now by Hank Willenbrink. On Eco-Theater by Jeremy Pickard. Dissonant strands by Caridad Svich. Remarks at Opening of Artistic Innovation Arc by Howard Shalwitz.Three Invitations (to save the world) by Adam S. Horowitz. Writing as Global Engagement: Ayad Akhtar by Ayad Akhtar. Concurrencies by Aaron Landsman. Innovation and Catastrophe by John Biguenet. ‘Tis New to Thee by Mark Schultz. An Interview with Zachary Karabashliev by Zachary Karabashliev and Vera Asenova. Pull Focus by Jeff McMahon. Community Innovation by Duska Radosavljevic. Look Forward to Being Utterly Wrong by Rachael Parish. The Act of Introducing Something New by Kali Quinn.Innovation and the Voices of Tomorrow by Saviana Stanescu. Skype: Can Theatre Go the Distance? by Jody Christopherson. Mothering Invention: The Need for Creative Necessity by Cory Tamler. The Engine of Artistic Innovation by Lojo Simon. Words Like Knives by Arlene Goldbard.What Can We Do? by Andy Smith. All the world’s a stage. I believe in that. by Chiori Miyagawa. Context as content: the work of Abel González Melo by Yael Prizant. It’s Innovative To… by James Carter. The Sound of Costumes / Audible Choreography by Johannes Birringer. The Troublesome 9.7 Percent and the Breakthrough Play by D.W. Gregory. Innovate This by George Hunka.Write It Yourself!  by Oliver Mayer.  Considering Imagination by Katie Pearl.Innovation in 17 by Stephen WrentmoreThe Essentiality of Innovation by Daniel Brunet. Backward: On Innovation by Elaine Avila. What is Innovation? by Arthur Bartow. Doing the work by Rachel Jendrzejewski. Do you see me? by Deborah Asiimwe and Emily Mendelsohn. Elliot forgot the Reluctant Vampires by Ian Rowlands. Violence and Theatre Making by John Moletress. Two Launch Pads by Pedro de Senna. An Evolutionary Revolutionby Dr Peter S Petralia. In Support of Play: Productions, Lipstick and Growth by Amina Henry. Aligning the Vision by Caridad Svich

Artistry & Artistic Innovation Salon

As part of advancing and celebrating our Core Value of Artistry, we host an ongoing salon for any artist and/or theatre person that wants to talk about what makes the work work, and the play play. If you would like to participate in this or any salon series, please email Gus Schulenburg.

Blasted Thurber, by Amelia Parenteau. Sontag Reborn, by Amelia Parenteau.The Imperative Value of TYA by Robyn Flatt. Reimaging, Reinventing, Redefining the Classics by Rob Melrose. Performers Wanted by Guillermo Aviles-Rodriguez. In Search of a Global Literary Department by Patrizia Acerra. Pavel Dobrusky: 1956-2013 by Molly Smith. The Commonweal Artist/Administrator Model by Hal Cropp. In Memoriam: Pavel Dobrusky by Deborah Brevoort

Cross-Pollinating The Arts by Scott RC Levy. Immersive Theatre and the Freedom of Choice by Adam Green. Richard Griffiths: A Tribute by Amanda Quaid. Meditation for Actors – An Interview with Parlan McGaw by Amanda Quaid. Revision as Inspiration by Sidney Arndt. Everything Moves: Exciting an Internet-inundated Sports-centric World with Storytelling by Mickey Rowe.Audience Participation – Reflections on acting in Cock by Amanda Quaid.Pretty in Pizza by Amelia Parenteau. A Spark of Resistance/Toward Healing by Caridad Svich. Golden Veil by Eliza Bent. An Environment for Change? by Caridad Svich