Spring 2013

Online Features


    Letter from the Editor
    Carolyn D. Roark

    Feature: “Can a fellow be a villain all his life?”: Fagin, Jewishness, and Musical Performance
    Marc Napolitano

    Feature: PsyBabas: Ritual Exoticism and Spiritual Labor in Subcultural Tourism
    Pavithra Prasad

    Highlight: The Joy of Doubt
    David Henry Hwang

    Profile: Theatre Without Borders
    Jacob Hellman

    Profile: Musekeweya, a Rwandan Radio Drama for Peacebuilding
    Sheila Siragusa

    Profile: Religious Practice in Virtual Worlds
    Alicia Corts

    Highlight: Interview with Ann Magnuson
    W.C. Meier

    Book & Performance Reviews:

    • Matthew Miller
    • James G. Wilson
    • Eleanor Owicki
    • David Reed


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