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HAMLET/UR HAMLET research in Northwest India

Mitu wins NEFA Award

Juárez: A Documentary Mythology Opens in NYC NEXT WEEK!

Theater Mitu 2014 South Indian Artist Intensive: A Great Success!

HAMLET/ UR HAMLET research  in Northwest India


Theater Mitu members recently returned from Amritsar and Varanasi in North India conducting research for our upcoming production of Hamlet/Ur Hamlet.  Currently being adapted with Theater Mitu and Irish Playwright Jocelyn Clarke, Hamlet/Ur Hamlet will explore the violence within the pre-Shakespearian Saxon myth of Hamlet; the narrative of Saxo Grammaticus' Amleth tale; and the language of William Shakespeare's Hamlet. 


Exploring frameworks of violence and death, Mitu members spent time at the Golden Temple in Amritsar to explore violent tensions in Sikh culture in addition to border rituals alongside the Pakistan/India border.  Further investigations led Mitu to examine complicated death rituals in Varanasi.  

Mitu company members will continue workshopping the piece this fall, leading to a premiere at the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Center in Spring 2015.

Mitu wins NEFA Award

We are very excited to announce that Theater Mitu was recently awarded the prestigious NEFA grant through the National Theater Project. This grant is intended to support a national tour of JUAREZ: A Documentary Mythology in the 2015/2016 season! NEFA promotes the development and touring of artist-led collaborative, ensemble, and devised theater works. The National Theater Project (NTP) functions as a full system of support for devised theater, which in addition to funding, animates an informed, interactive network of producing theaters, presenters, and ensembles.  Stay tuned as more details are announced for our 2015/2016 tour this coming spring!  For more info on NEFA and NTP announcements CLICK HERE.

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Below are some updates on Theater Mitu's current and upcoming activities. We're thrilled to keep you informed of what's happening with the company and can't wait to share more as our Fall projects begin!


Rubén Polendo                       Justin Nestor

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Juárez: A Documentary Mythology  


After performances in Juárez, New York, Abu Dhabi, and Beirut, Theater Mitu is excited to announce that Juárez: A Documentary Mythology will return to the Rattlestick Playwrights Theater this fall. The piece will open the Rattlestick's season and has been selected as part of the 2nd annual Theater:Village Festival. Mitu friends can access $20 tickets with the special discount codeTVJUAREZ when purchasing tickets. There are also discounts for artists ($10) as well as student tickets ($5)!  CLICK HERE for more information! 


Theater Mitu is also proud to announce that the piece will travel to the Los Angeles Theater Center (LATC) for their ENCUENTRO festival in October.  More details coming soon! 

Theater Mitu 2014 South Indian Artist Intensive: A Great Success!

Theater Mitu recently returned from a five week residency in Bangalore, India where we held this summer's artist intensive. Together with fourteen artists hailing from seven countries around the world, Theater Mitu conducted, supported and sustained field research into South Indian traditional forms and belief systems. 

We can certainly say after these three weeks of grueling physical training, complex cross-cultural dialogue, and in-depth personal and spiritual exploration, that this summer was an utter success. We look forward to what and where next summer's intensive will bring us. Information and applications for next summer's intensive will be released in the coming months, so stay tuned! 

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Justin Nestor – Associate Artistic Director

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