by Charles Mulekwa

Adam and Eve, a young ideal couple, have found true love.  But the sins of their parents visit them, and hover over the affair: the parents do not see eye to eye, owing to some emotional events in the past.  This happening, however, compels the parents to come face to face, igniting a ceaseless feud. As the parents engage in a win or ruin clash, the children they bore experience the hurtfulness that love bears.

Charles Mulekwa was born in Mbale Uganda in 1966. He has been involved in theatre since 1983 in Uganda, as an actor, director and writer. Between 1990 and 1992, he taught at King’s College Buddo. In 1994 he attended the Royal Court International Residency, and in 1998 went as an actor to the John F Kennedy Centre for the Performing Arts in Washington, USA. He has also given talks on Uganda theatre on BBC radio, at the Universities of Bayreuth and Hamburg, in Germany, and Cambridge University, in the UK. As well as stage and radio plays, he has also written poetry and short stories. In 1999, funded by the British Council and the Peggy Ramsay Foundation, he graduated from the M.A. in Playwriting run by David Edgar at the University of Birmingham, in the UK and was attached to the Royal National Theatre Studio as a writer in residency.  The same year, he was the Chief Judge for the BBC African performance season for radio drama.  The Royal Court Theatre, London, commissioned him to write a play,‘Black Diamond’. He Produced August Wilson’s JITNEY in Uganda, and worked as the film consultant for THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND.