Request for Proposals

Deadline : Feb 15, 2014

Artists from all performance disciplines are invited to apply with new work examining World War I: The Legacy.

The Process Series at the University of North Carolina -­ Chapel Hill and the Institute for Arts and Humanities, in partnership with the World War I: The Legacy Project, seek submissions of new performance work that explores any aspect of the First World War or its legacy, including the impact of the war outside of Europe. We are especially interested in untold or little known stories.

We solicit full-­length performance work in any discipline, genre or medium, from established and emerging American and international artists. Projects may be in any stage of development, provided that they can be showcased in 2014-­ 2015 season.

Projects of any genre are eligible, from theater to dance, from music to mixed media. Artist(s) season. The work will be performed twice for the public. Expenses associated with performing the work in Chapel Hill will be provided, as well as a stipend for the artist(s).

Apply online at<>

You will need to provide the following information:

– A detailed description of the new work.

– CV or artist’s bio

– A 10 page script sample or video excerpt of new work or artists’ previous work

– Availability to perform in Chapel Hill in August 2014-­ May 2015

The deadline to apply is February 15, 2014. Direct questions to Joseph Megel, Artist in Residence at the Department of Communication Studies, UNC-­Chapel Hill, and artistic director of the Process Series,<>.

Explore The Process Series at processseries.unc.ed<>u