TEH Newsletter 2014 #3 – GO VOTE! AND BRING A FRIEND

Dear artists, activists, squatters and dreamers, 

No spring without its revolution. Surely they won't be a revolution, but next European Elections (22–25 May 2014) will –perhaps more than any previous EU elections– help decide the future direction of Europe. Some 350 million voters will have a say over how the EU should be governed for the next five years, including deciding who will become the next President of the European Commission. Trans Europe Halles, together with other European cultural networks, contributes to defending democratic values and raise citizens' awareness of their power of decision with the GO VOTE! campaign. Join us! (more information below).

In this edition of the TEH's newsletter together with news about the end of Engine Room Europe (ERE) project, we introduce you to the two new cultural centres that were approved as TEH members during the last TEH Meeting: Vysrsodepseio (Greece) and Halle14 (Germany). And as a result of ERE'sLeaders Lab project, we bring you TEH's new publication: Leaders Stories, which brings together the leadership and personal experiences of eleven leaders working in European independent cultural centres.

We hope you enjoy the reading.

Birgitta Persson & José Luis Rodríguez.

Trans Europe Halles' Coordination Office. Lund, Sweden. 

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Trans Europe Halles' long-term goal is to strengthen the sustainable development of the independent cultural sector, especially cultural centres and organisations initiated by citizens and artists. TEH's facebook


HALLE14 (Leipzig, Germany) 

As an independent art centre, HALLE 14 is a place for the presentation and production of contemporary art as well as a space for reflection and communication. As a non-profit organization, HALLE 14 serves the public interest in its artistic commitment. This goal is accomplished through projects such as international group exhibitions, an art library, an art education programme, a studio programme and a series of talks, discussions, film screenings, concerts, and festivals. In addition, guest exhibitions take place in HALLE 14. 

Halle14's profile

VYRSODEPSEIO (Athens, Greece) 

Vyrsodepseio is a cultural space dedicated to contemporary art. It is a two level building of 3.000 sqm with versatile multi-stages, meeting rooms and working spaces situated in the post-industrial undeveloped area of Votanikos, in the center of Athens. Vyrsodepseio is a grass root project and a vibrant cultural cell that supports substantially to the growth of innovative, hybrid art. While planning a rich weekly program, it is also a platform of networking between artists and activists, international organizations and individual artists. 

Vyrsodepseio's profile


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Conversations with leaders in the independent cultural sector

Leaders Stories brings together the leadership and management experiences of eleven leaders working in European independent cultural centres. The interviews in this publication provide the reader with a good overview of the diversity of governance models, leadership styles and management tools that can be found in these particular arts organisations all the way from Southern to Northern Europe. 

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An initiative by European cultural networks to encourage voting 

European cultural networks now launch the campaign "Go vote! Bring a friend" to encourage people to vote in the European elections, 22–25 May 2014. Here's a very simple message European cultural networks and organisations want to circulate to encourage citizens to use their right to vote and influence the future of Europe. If you want to actively be part of this campaign and engage your partners and your audiences, follow the link: 

More information


Investing in the future sustainability of the independent cultural sector 

With "The Future Is Not What It Used To Be" Conference and TEH Meeting 77, Engine Room Europe (ERE) –the largest project in the life of TEH– comes to its end. During the last 3 years, ERE involved 12 TEH members in 19 projects that involved over 2.200 cultural professionals, artists and volunteers and that indirectly benefited over 20.000 citizens in 26 countries.

"The Future Is Not What It Used To Be" and TEH Meeting 77 took place at the same time, gathering 350 culture professionals from 29 countries to discuss about the future of the arts and culture sector in Europe. Reports and other documents about the conference are now been prepared and will be available to the public very soon at TEH's Resource. In the meantime, you can visit our photo archive to get the feeling of a vibrant conference and meeting.

And what about the future? Having turned 30 years old last year and coming to the end of the Engine Room Europe project, Trans Europe Halles has decided to share the accumulated experience and knowledge in the network by setting up a structure for professional development and exchange in the coming years to support and strengthen the sustainable development of its members, culture initiatives originated by citizens and artists and the sector as a whole. Stay tuned! 

About Engine Room Europe 

Engine Room Europe (ERE) was a three-year project dedicated to independent cultural workers and their creative processes, and financed by the Culture Programme of the European Commission. The conference is supported by ECF and Gemeente Amstelveen. 

More about ERE


Save the date for next TEH Meeting "Cooperation, not competition" at Johan Centrum. 9–12 October 2014 

TEH member Johann Centrum (Pilsen, Czech Republic) will host the next TEH meeting from 9 to 12 October 2014. The topic of the meeting is how to boost cooperation instead of competition among organisations operating in the same region. The professional development programme will have a focus on cooperative skills and how they can be used in learning about new business models, leadership and governance, communication strategies, etc. More information soon on TEH's website. 


Belarus Free Theatre Join the Fight to Stop Climate Change 

Belarus Free Theatre have been described as “the most underground theatre company on the planet” (New York Times) and are best known for their award winning political theatre. Banned from performing in their own country, BFT have now found a new home for their theatre at Falmouth University and The Young Vic in London, without whom their new production RED FOREST would not have been possible. 

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ZAWP Bilbao launches an artist-in-residency programme 

Aiming to encourage experimentation, investigation and production in different fields of creation and to contribute to the promotion of the creators and an international movement of culture professionals,ZAWP Bilbao (Bilbao, Spain) starts a residency program for investigation and production projects. 

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Manifatture Knos: "From Third Landscape to Third Space" 

From 9th to 12th of April 2014, Manifatture Knos(Lecce, Italy) organised the 4th edition of “From Third Landscape to Third Space”, a workshop withGilles Clément and Coloco focused on urban regeneration. The Third place, in a metaphorical sense, represents the reign of indecisio
n, where the management gives way to spontaneity and allows us feeling free to be active, spontaneous and innovative. 

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Creative Center Carnation: The Symposium – AIR programmes 

From the 18th to the 20th of April, Creative Center Carnation (Tartu, Estonia) hosted The Symposium, an event related to the 1 year project “Tales From The Woods”, that brought together culture professionals to discuss about the situation of artists-in-residence programmes. 

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An introduction to Erasmus+ 

This very condensed introduction to the Erasmus Plus Programme covers the possible outcomes, responsibilities and roles of the receiving organisation as well as accreditation, application procedure and assessment criteria. Learn about the new EVS-programme in Erasmus Plus in less than 10 minutes, instead of sifting through the daunting 267 page book. 

Go to The Resource

OPPORTUNITIES – Provided by On The Move 


Balkans Arts and Culture Fund (BAC) > 2014 Call for Submission of Proposals for Collaboration Projects in Arts and Culture – COLABs.

Swedish Institute. Creative Force Programme, Seed funding.

"Elsewhere": Photoquai Residencies, Paris (France).

Mondriaan Fund (The Netherlands) – Grant program for international contemporary art fairs



ICEHOTEL #25, Jukkasjärvi (Sweden) – Call for artists.

European Investment Bank > Artists’ Development Programme (Luxemburg).

Young performing artists wanted for INSTANT ACTS against violence and racism.

Call for proposals Mission on Art Nouveau in Brussels (Belgium).

SIMA, Dakar (Senegal) – Call for African artists and music professionals.

Lithuania calls for international dance experts



Hotel Maria Kapel Residence Program, Hoorn (The Netherlands).

Have you ever created on a tram? Residence program for visual artists (Torino, Italy).

M Literary Residency Programme > Residencies in China and India.

Open call for African artists > Worldwide Artists in Residency Programme.

Residencies for professional choreographers from Egypt, Middle East & North Africa (Cairo, Egypt)


University of Westminster (UK): Principal Lecturer/Programme Director, MA International Cultural Relations.

Call for Managing Director of artellewa art space – Cairo (Egypt)


Engine Room Europe has been funded with the support from the European Commission. This communication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. Engine Room Europe is initiated by Trans Europe Halles (TEH) and co-ordinated by Melkweg (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) in association with 10 co-organising TEH members. TEH has received operational grants from the City of Lund and the Swedish Arts Council. The TEH Coordination Office is hosted by Mejeriet (Lund, Sweden)