21 Jun 2007

Emergency Playback Theatre Europa

Emergency Playback Theatre Europa A training seminar taught by Jonathan Fox in Máriahalom, Hungary from September 14-17, 2007 When disaster strikes, people desperately need a forum to share their stories, and playback theatre can be a wonderful resource. The purpose...

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31 May 2007

TWB & CI at Brandeis University

Coexistence International (CI) at Brandeis University and Theatre Without Borders are convening a gathering of international theatre artists and coexistence scholar/practitioners on the Brandeis campus from October 5-8, 2007. The primary purpose of the gathering is to further work on an...

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4 May 2007

Creative Approaches to Reconciliation

To read her inspirational article related to Theatre & Peace Building, please check out Creative Approaches to Reconciliation by Dr. Cynthia Cohen. You must be able to open PDF's in order to view this document.

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