Res Artis Newsletter – September 2014


Res Artis Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida (2-5 October in Lithuania
Res Artis is excited to begin its Regional Meeting in Vilnius and Nida. Only a few days away from its start, the meeting has received registrations at full capacity. We are anticipating around 90 participants from 30 countries. We look forward to meeting with Res Artis members and other residency organizers from the region, and encourage you to have a look at our latest programme and list of speakers.

For those who can’t make it to Vilnius or Nida, we invite you to follow our updates on twitter.
@res_artis / #resartisRM14

Call for Participation: “Locating the Caribbean”

As part of Res Artis’s contribution to the Tilting Axis conference, generously being hosted by ARC Inc. and Fresh Milk, we would like to solicit abstracts for participation in a forum titled “Locating the Caribbean.” The idea is for us to discuss how to engage this diverse and complex region—at times an impenetrable palimpsest of colonization and migration. (And, of course, as is the case throughout the Americas, the Indigenous population is the foundational layer.) The mapping project developed by Fresh Milk provides a good starting point for your consideration.

Goodbye from Alvaro de Salvo (Res Artis Communication Manager)

I remember it like it was yesterday when I started to work for the beautiful field of artist residencies, almost ten years ago. It was December 2004 and the weather was awfully hot in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I was sharing a coffee with Alicia Candiani, founder and director of Proyecto ´ace, when she asked me a question that would change my life forever. “Would you help me to start an artist residency in Buenos Aires and be its administrative coordinator?” At the time, I was nearing completion of my Business Administration studies and was looking forward to getting more work experience. I had no idea what an artist residency was, but it sounded innovative and cool, and immediately caught my attention. “OK” I replied , “but I´ll only work for you for ONE year. Once I get my degree I will move on”. History tells that I ended up staying at ‘ace for eight, with the last two years working for Res Artis. The best thing is, I’ve loved every tiny moment of it.

Check out some of the latest updates

Inaugural Meeting: Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network

From 9 – 14 May 2014, Asialink Arts hosted a program of cultural mobility meetings and events focused on the regions of Asia, Australia and Europe. Together with Asialink, we applied in 2013 for a Creative Encounter grant with the Asia-Europe Foundation to change that. Our project was successfully selected out of 50 application proposals. We then decided to go to Australia to learn more about the role of artist residencies in Asia, Australia and Europe, the way they create and exchange information about the field, and how mobility is being funded in and among these continents. All of which was to lead up to the creation of the ‘Asia Australia Europe Creative Residency Network’.

Asialink has recently updated significant reports and uploaded a series of videos about these encounters.

ResSupport Fellowship: Katherine Kennedy reports from Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany

Earlier this year, Assistant to Director at ARC, Katherine Kennedy, was selected on behalf of The Fresh Milk Art Platform, Barbados, to participate in the ResSupport Fellowship programme offered by Res Artis. During her 3 month tenure at the Akademie Schloss Solitude in Stuttgart, Germany, Katherine will be a resident correspondent, interacting with the personnel and fellows, conducting interviews, and extending the wealth of the Akademie’s programming to our community. 

Res Artis External Meetings

October 10 – (Pilsen, Czech Republic) “How to draft, start and run an artist residency” (Workshop)

In the following month, Res Artis will give a workshop on "How to draft, start and run and artist residency" in the framework of a TEH meeting at the JOHAN Centrum in Pilsen, Czech Republic. The motto of this TEH Meeting is “Cooperation, not competition!”. It encourages the exchange of ideas, not only about how to develop cultural centres, but also about how to stimulate and inspire fellow cultural activists in other cities and countries.

The the contribution of Res Artis, the training programme of this meeting will offer a variety of workshops related to the topics of cooperation and sustainable development of cultural centres: cooperation technologies, creative business models, artist-in-residence programmes, collective architecture, art mapping, collaborations between cultural organisations operating in the same city, etc. The meeting will also provide possibilities to nurture, enhance and develop the cooperation among our centres and with other organisations.


October 9-11 – (Newcastle, United Kingdom) Participation in Culture Action Europe Annual Conference

Res Artis will take part in the Culture Action Europe Annual Public Conference and General Meeting with the topic Beyond the Obvious – from producing things to nurturing social capital from October 9th to 11th in Newcastle, United Kingdom.

The conference aims at provoking discussion and exchange on the following topics:

– the obvious assumptions and beliefs of the cultural sector
– the future borders and edges of culture
– human networks and arts so as to actively shape social change
– the focus from “producing things” to “nurturing social capital”
– culture’s contribution to social a
nd economic regeneration – locally, nationally, and at the European level.


October 30 – (Barcelona, Spain) Funding workshop for Art Factories

Barcelona City Council, through the Barcelona Institute of Culture and the Art Factories programme, is presenting the first edition of Factorial – International Meeting of Art Factories this autumn, which will be held from 29 to 31 October 2014 at Fabra i Coats – Art Factory. The overarching goal of this meeting is to bring to light best practices in fostering culture and creativity, promoted by institutions and centres of art production, as well as to broaden and strengthen existing working networks.

Featuring more than 25 speakers hailing from all over Europe, 4 panel discussions, 17 workshops and an intense social programme, Factorial constitutes a unique platform for debate and reflection on the subject of art factories.On October 30th, Res Artis will give a Funding Workshop for Art Factories.

Restructuring the Res Artis Board

The Res Artis Board is pleased to welcome its new Vice-president and Treasurer, while also saying goodbye to two longtime and dedicated Board members who assisted the Board over a period of 8 years of service.
At the Res Artis Board meeting on July 3, Eliza Roberts (Asialink, Australia) succeeded Tatsuhiko Murata and became the new Vice- President and Francisco Guevara (Arquetopia, Mexico) succeeded Karol Frühauf and became the new Treasurer.

Res Artis has enjoyed participating with the solution-oriented, practical and very warm-hearted outgoing members of the Board. They have always responded to every situation in meaningful ways to improve the organisation. Res Artis is thankful for their unwaivering generosity of time, talent and finances, and acknowledges the shared commitment of Murata-san and Karol to make an actual and substantial difference to and for our network. We wish the best to the new Vice-President and Treasurer.