I have been invited to conduct an interactive, 45-minute workshop and talk on Saturday, June 2, 2012 at the 2012 UniPro Summit for Pilipino Young Professionals, Students, and Youth. The Summit's theme this year is "Pilipino Renaissance."
My workshop, "Re-Inventing Pilipino Arts," addresses the possible solutions that arts and culture can offer toward the development of a true resurgence of Pilipino Arts locally, nationally and internationally. Will a Renaissance be led by our ability to invent new artistic expressions? to research and collaborate on new works with distant partners? to contend with the great challenge of displaying Pilipinos anew, especially to one another? Will the Renaissance deepen mutual understanding among people around the globe? Will it make way for abundance, for real opportunities, for long-term sustainability — for creative coexistence?
"We will feature amazing leaders from the community whose work promotes the culture, welfare, and progress of Pilipinos, particularly in the modern, digital age," UniPro speaker chair Iris Zalun adds. "You are invited to meet other young, passionate Pilipinos to meet, exchange ideas, and organize a global network to promote the idea of such a renaissance."
My UniPro workshop is a variation to a December 2010 presentation I delivered at a two-day conference in the Philippines, "Vision 2020," organized by the Commission of Filipino Overseas (CFO), a Philippine government agency.

In that CFO setting, all of the country's stakeholders and sectors came together: academe, civil society, international organizations, diplomatic corps, national government agencies, local government units, private section, and Presidential Awardees like myself who belong to constituencies of overseas Filipinos. 

The Philippine government asked Presidential Awardees to consult and contribute to the direction it will take in relation to migration and development. Can Filipinos overseas and in the diaspora inspire or respond to the future of development in their homeland?  My talk addressed how arts and culture play significant roles in keeping second- and third-generation Filipinos rooted in Philippine culture, given that whether we like it or not Filipinos overseas are a mobile, global and diverse people. And this upcoming workshop, "Re-Inventing Pilipino Arts," represents my further, continuing work in that direction within a U.S. context.

The UniPro Summit on June 2 takes place at New York University Medical Center (550 First Avenue, near 30th Street) in NYC. To register to attend to the 2012 UniProSummit, visit the event page at
The Pilipino American Unity for Progress (“UniPro”) is a New York State certified not-for-profit comprised of young professionals and students that was established in the summer of 2009 to promote cohesion and collective progress within the Pilipino American community. Since then, UniPro has collaborated with many organizations, schools and entrepreneurs to help empower our kababayans and provide a support system for our networks in the community.
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To register to attend to the 2012 UniProSummit, visit the event page at
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