Music Residency for Disability with Vidya Sagar and Opera Circus in Chennai, India.

29 October – 7th November

A week long residency is being held in Chennai run by Nigel Osborne, who was the Reid Professor of Music at Edinburgh University till recently. Nigel is also a world renowned composer and an expert on the uses of music for children with disability and trauma as a result of war or conflict. He is joined by Darren Abrahams, an expert facilitator and opera singer who is taking the lead role in Opera Circus new Indian chamber opera Naciketa and Priyanka Devani, a musician and animator from the UoE's Music in the Community Course.  On 3rd November there will be a seminar run by Nigel on the new techniques and methods being explored in music for disabled musicians and in learning.

20 – 24 February 2013

A four day informal gathering of around 50 artists, facilitators and educationalist in Srebrenica in partnership with the Youth Council to explore the development of cultural activity and the arts for young people in the region.  Discussions will involve the development of cultural strategies, youth leadership, schools exchanges, artistic programmes including youth theatre, partnerships, the need for cultural spaces etc.,  

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