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   2. The Magdalena Project Newsletter- Oktober, October, Octobre,
      Október, ottobre, Outubro, Octombrie (Web Princess)

Please remember about our current donations appeal <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/donations>; we need to raise a small amount of money every year to cover the basic costs of hosting the Magdalena Project web site <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/> and domain name. If everyone on this email list donated ?0.20 we would have enough! Or if 30 of you – just 4.2% of our members – gave ?10, that would be enough.

Please be part of the 4.2%, and make a donation today of ?10 or whatever you are able to give to support the web site. we are delighted to announce that we are now able to offer the option for you to donate via PayPal<http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/donations>, as well as via the Charity Choice web site or by internet bank transfer. The donation page is available in English
<http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/donations>, Portuguese
<http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/pt-br/content/doa%C3%A7%C3%B5es> and
Español <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/es/content/donar>.

*Magdalena Events:*

  * Transit VII <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/transit-vii>, 28 May-9 June, Denmark
  * Magdalena Chile
    <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/magdalena-chile-has-been-postponed-2013-exact-dates-will-be-confirm>,  2013, dates to be confirmed, Santiago de Chile
  * photos from Vértice Brasil

*Members' Events & News*

  * Dance Like Nobody's Watching
  * Voice Performance, Singing and Choreographic Theatre
    15 October – 24 November, Paris
  * The Jasonites in Rehearsal
    6-18 January 2013, Denmark
  * Ageless Giants
    <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/ageless-giants>, 27
    March-24 April 2013, Denmark
  * Pantheatre Newsletter

2. The Magdalena Project Newsletter- Oktober, October, Octobre, Október, ottobre, Outubro, Octombrie

Magdalena Events

   – Magdalena Chile<http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/mestiza-chile-2013-festival-and-gathering-women-contemporary-theater>- information in English, Español & Portuguese; exact dates still to be confirmed.
   – Transit VII <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/transit-vii>,
   28 May – 9 June 2013, Denmark
   – Tantidhatri<http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/category/image-galleries/images-archive/tantidhatri>:
   during the festival, Canadian artist Jennifer Macklem painted watercolour portraits of some of the festival artists; some have been added to the Tantidhatri image archive.

Members' News and Events

   – ?Prelaze?i liniju?<http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/prelaze%C4%87i-liniju>,
   9 October, DAH Teater, Belgrade
   – CyPosium – online symposium on cyberformance <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/cyposium>,   12 October, online
   – Dust to Dust <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/dust-dust>,
   Nov 6-7 Bucharest, Romania; & Nov 16 Kiel, Germany
   – The Funeral of the Cow <http://themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/funeral-cow>,
   2-15 November, Bronx, New York, USA
   – Double Edge Theatre’s Winter Intensive <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/double-edge-theatres-winter-intensive>,
   4-9 January, USA
   – Women Say "Enough!" in Haiti <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/women-say-enough-haiti>,  B
ond Street Theatre
   – The Afghan Prison Project <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/afghan-prison-project>,   Bond Street Theatre

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Valentina Tibaldi

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