We join you in your struggle in working towards global peace through the use of Art.

We have used and are still using art in the struggle to spread awareness and prevention of HIV/AIDS Uganda that
is using music, dance and drama. Apparently we're considering to apply Art into our Reconciliation & Forgiveness program in the 20 years war ravaged Northern Uganda.

We're organising a Peace and Reconciliation Conference in March
2008, we need artists committed to advocating for peace through art who
can come and share with the people of Northern Uganda the message of
reconciliation through art. For further details you can visit our website

We have programs running on community based conflict
resolution through the various sports programs we implement. For further
details you can visit the attached links below:-

1. Tackling AIDS Through Sport
2. Make Malaria History Through Sport
3. Mines Risk Education Through Sport
4. Promote Girls Sport
5. 2006 world AIDS Day sports activities

For more information contact:

Albert Kunihira
Country Director/Peace Ambassador & AIDS Activist
The Africa Youth Ministries
P.O. Box 20029 , Kampala , Uganda
T: +256-752-200002/256-414-287151
E:  or