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Prague's Theatre Crisis

– M. Ljubková

The situation of financing of Prague theatres (and other cultural venues and events) has been difficult and unclear for a year, but this spring, the situation reached its peak. Click here.

The Accomplice (Der Mitmacher/Komplic) or They're Coming Even More Corrupt Than Before…

– K. Černá

F. Dürrenmatt´s play Der Mitmacher  was recently staged at the Theatre on the Balustrade in Prague – a reflection of the current political situation in the Prague cultural community. Click here.

How to Stage Einstein

– K. Černá

Last year´s Talent of the Year Jiří Adámek staged a new production – "Indian at Risk" – at the HaTheatre in Brno – exploring Einstein´s Theory of Relativity. Click here.


Two New Ballet Productions of Libor Vaculík

R. Vašek

After a long silence, leading Czech choreographer Libor Vaculík returned to the ballet stages with two new pieces The Bloody Lady of Čachtice at the J.K. Tyl Theatre in Pilsen and The Phantom of the Opera (Fantom opery) at the States Opera Prague. Click here.

2007 Ballet Awards

R. Vašek

Spring is generally the time in the Czech Republic when awards are given out for the best performances and ballet does not fall by the wayside with its presence in the prestigious Thálie and Philip Morris Ballet Flower Awards. Click here.

Ballet Romanticism of August Bournonville Finally in the Czech Repertoire

– R. Vašek

The latest addition to the National Theatre Ballet repertoire this season appeared during the evening of contemporary Czech choreography – the first work of Mats Ek, La Sylphide and the third act from Napoli. Click here.

Publication – The Methods of Expressive Dance

– J. Návratová

A new electronic publication by Eva Kröschlerová entitled The Methods of Expressive Dance. Click here.

New Concept for Contemporary Dance

– J. Návratová

A new association, Vision of Dance, was formed to improve the conditions of contemporary dance in the Czech Republic.

Click here.

Hidden Landscapes

– J. Návratová

The Dot504 Company teams up with Belgian choreographer to explore the primal world and the world of surrealism.

Click here.


Puppet Theatre Highlights – At Home and Abroad

– N. Malíková

A brief look at the world of Czech puppet theatre: new puppet productions that return to the history of Czech puppet theatre, exhibitions, new literature, travelling puppet productions, and more. Click here.


The Saddest Circus in the World

– J. Návratová

The Krepkso creative team chose the extinct Dodo bird as the source of inspiration in their latest production. Their mysterious wildlife character represents a symbol of deep nostalgia, an irrevocable sorrow, using a dismal depth of idealised memories. Click here.

OTHER NEWS (Exhibitions, publications)

The PQ Continues on its World Tour and Issues a New Publication

– D. Pařízková

The exhibition of 30 photographs from the 11th PQ is a reminder of the world's largest exhibition of theatre design that took place in June 2007 in Prague and continues on its world tour. A new publication will also be available on June 3rd. Click here.

The Arts Institute – Theatre Institute Issues a New Catalogue/DVD of Recommended Theatre Productions

– D. Nixon –

The Czech Performance Collection – In the International Spotlight  is a catalogue and DVD of 37 productions suitable for touring activities. If you are interested in presenting Czech artists, contact us.

Click here.

Czech Theatre Magazine no. 24

– B. Topolová

The Czech Theatre magazine, containing highlights of the past theatre events and more information about leading personalities and theatres will be prepared before the end of the summer. Click here.

Analysis of Czech Theatre – 2001-2007

– M. Potůčková

The Czech centre of the International Theatre Institute Department prepared studies of the theatre seasons in the Czech Republic. More information about the past seasons can be found on the Info Sources portal of the Theatre.cz website. Click here.


Czech Theatre Showcase – Sept. 7-9 (Prague) and Sept. 10-14 (Pilsen)

– D. Nixon – 16627

Prepare yourself for the summer of festivals in and around the Czech Republic over the summer months. In September, the Arts Institute – Theatre Institute and the Theatre Festival Pilsen team up to present the 1st annual Czech Theatre Showcase. Click here.

Summer Festivals in 2008

– D. Nixon

Here is a list of festivals happening around the Czech Republic this Summer. For a complete list of festivals, check out the Theatre Institute festival database at www.theatre.cz/adresar Click here.


Don Nixon


Jana Návratová: Experimental Theatre

Jana Navrátová, Roman Vašek: Dance

Kamila Černá: Theatre / Drama

Nina Malíková: Puppet Theatre


Mirka Potůčková

Marta Ljubková

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