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From the direct participation of artists, audiences, cultural travelers, and festivals has now become the web's most popular destination for information, exchange and connection to every kind of dance, music, and theatre festival around the world!

This past month, many of you added to the Green festivals, news, and resources.  This has become an immensely popular resource. To keep expanding the Green initiatives, add your latest information, at any time, for outreach to colleagues, media, and new audiences.

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Featured Festival each week highlights a festival worth a trip;

–Every day Festival News features the latest festival news stories — from the late breaking to the humorous to thought pieces on the arts, culture, and festivals of our time;

–Artists and festivals add to Artist News to feature work in development; 

Podcasts, this week honoring the late the Sekou Sundiata, you can send in your own digital interview for posting on the site;

–Register for the Forum to reach thousands of readers every day; and,

Blog on Culture with recent entries on the Beatles in diapers, the role of cultural ministers, and how many rock stars does it take to unscrew a light bulb.

Keep the festival information up-to-date with information, pictures, performances, and stories:  Add to the festival's page.

This fall, we will create a new feature: a focus on all the festivals that present original work.  Want to be included?  Send me your information so that we can be sure to highlight your new work of artists for festival performances.

As always, let us know how we can best serve you, and the field.

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