METHODIKA 2007 IV. INTERNATIONAL FESTIVAL  FOR THEATRE TRAINING METHODS5 – 11 November in Venice – Italy European Association for Theatre Cultureproduced by Fondazione di VeneziaThe Theatre of Centaur”Artistic direction Prof. Dr. Jurij Alschitz METHODIKA is a unique international festival exploring various methods of theatrical training. The festival for theatre artists, pedagogues, directors, students and scholars of performing arts will take place in the form of an intensive working meeting.                                                                                                              Register NOW: www.methodikavenezia.orgAbout 100 specialists from all over the world will attend the IV. METHODIKA from 5th to 11th of November 2007 in Venice. The festival opens up new directions in the development of theatre training and the evolution of methodological approaches; spreads knowledge to theatre professionals and scientists; and finally creates a discussion about pedagogy in theatre schools, and in the theatre itself.   The artistic director of the festival, Prof. Jurij Alschitz, was first able to realise his idea of holding “METHODIKA“ in 1999, concentrating on the theme of “Personality and Ensemble”, in Milan. The two consecutive METHODIKAs, “Energy and Theatre“ in 2001 and “The Face and the Mask of the Actor“ in 2003 were held in Stockholm under the patronage of the ITI/ UNESCO Theatre Education & Training Committee. Following an interlude, 2007 marks the return of this event.Four masters of their craft, Cesar Brie (Bolivia), Prof. Maria S. Horne (USA), Prof. Adolf Schapiro (Russia) and Prof. Rimus Tuminas (Lithuania) will lead the workshops. Prof. Anatoly Vasiliev, has also been invited as a special guest of the festival with a ‘carte blanche’. This year’s theme, “The Theatre of Centaur”, has been described thusly by Jurij Alschitz: “In spite of the fact, that the actor's art exists far more than one millennium, professionals still face a collection of numerous questions of this unique and in many respects mysterious art. I have asked myself: what amazes me most of all in the art of acting? And I answered myself: it is the abundance of paradoxes, the non-connectable connections, the incongruous combinations. How, for example, is it possible to combine various categories such as "actor", "persona", "personnage", "role"? Do they exclude each other, belonging to various substances, or do they supplement each other? How do the models “actor-role" and "character-as real person" co- exist executed in parallel activity by the same subject? How are the given models created on-stage? What prospects of realisation has the ideal model? In our opinion, the contemporary theory of theatre, is not capable to answer the given questions adequately, simply because they are very little studied today. Therefor the necessity arises to search for answers, based on philosophical and artistic principles, to these questions concerning the actor's art. This leads to the wish to carry out the 4th edition of the international festival METHODIKA." For more information, please contact


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