Dear colleague, is looking to profile festivals throughout the month of December that celebrate the music of the soul and our communal quest for harmony.

We want to make sure that the New Year will provide opportunities for peace, good-will, and even a touch of the sacred, the ancient traditions carried inside each of us.

From massive concerts that encourage the practice of non-violence to groundbreaking theatre festivals where exiles and refugees share center stage, sacred arts festivals play an important role in cross-cultural connection and the preservation of cultural traditions.

Let us know your recommendations for festivals and artists that explore the relationship between faith and interfaith, biculturalism, and the sounds of spirituality. 

What festivals should be included? What artists to highlight? Have any great photos?

Please do send your recommendations to me, and of course, post any news, ideas, travels, exchanges, or soulful playlists in our Forum.

In the coming New Year, aren’t we all ready for a little peace? A little soul? A little harmony?

Thank you!!
Kind regards,

Ann Jareckie

Ann Jareckie
Administration and Research Coordinator
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