*Magdalena Events*

 * Tantidhatri: Magdalena India <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/tantidhatri>, 7-15 March, Trivandrum & Mumbai, India

 * V?rtice Brasil 2012 – T(i)erra Firme

8 July 2012 – 15 July 2012
Venue: Florian?polis, Santa Catarina, Brasil

 * Primer Acto – Mujeres en Escena:
Abrimos un nuevo dossier de Primer Acto dedicado a la creciente y rica aportacion de las artistas mujeres en la escena y la cultura con el texto de la conferencia de la autora Itziar Pascual que inaugura el Encuentro 7 Caminos Teatrales<
http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/7-caminos-teatrales-festival-0>, celebrado el pasado julio en Guanajuato (M?xico).

 * Photos from Magfest Torino 2011
   25-27 November 2011

* Magdalena India
7 March 2012 – 15 March 2012
Venue: Trivandrum and Mumbai

 * Magdalena Chile
   <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/magdalena-chile-2012>"Starting Point"

 * The Magdalena Segunda Generacio'n festival  <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/encuentro-internacional-argentina>
in Argentina is now over and we will be adding documentation to the archive page on the site as we receive it – please send!

*Members' Events*

 * Ayombe Theatre International Retreat
   4-14 January, Chile

the 6th annual NoPe – NoPassport Conference
13 Apr 2012 – 15 Apr 2012

*Members' News*

 * Magdalena Norway in Bogota
 * Women Playwrights International Conference – newsletter

 * Funding for Festivals
   Eugenia asks anyone who is interested in funding for festivals to  fill out the form
   <http://www.themagdalenaproject.org/en/content/funding-form> for  information, as she will meet with UNESCO in Mexico in December.

Helen Varley Jamieson "Magfest Torino"

Christina Kyriazidi "Mi experiencia en Magfest Torino 2011"

Picture from "Umbral" by Monica Russo, Magfest Torino

Gabriella Sacco "A painting by the title gener-AZIONI"

Valentina Tibaldi "One, No one and One Hundred Thousand – Una, nessuna e centomila"

Chiara D'Ostuni "Some thoughts about Magfest"

*Members' Groups*

* Pantheatre 2012 Newsletter
 * DAH Theatre: 2011 Highlights
 * Bond Street Theatre: 2011 Highlights
 * In Conversation with Bonnie Marranca, editor of the PAJ
 * Popular Forms for a Radical Theatre
   – new publication from NoPassport Press


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