Here is some of the recent activity on the Magdalena web site; remember to log in at  to post your own news and events.

*Magdalena Events*

*Tandidhatri. Magdalena India

11 Mar 2012 – 15 Mar 2012

Venue: Pondicherry/Auroville and Mumbai

Vértice Brasil 2012 – T(i)erra Firme
8 July 2012 – 15 July 2012
Venue: Florianópolis, Santa Catarina, Brasil

Magdalena Chile 2012
Starting Point

10 Nov 2012 – 17 Nov 2012

Venue: Santiago de Chile

Transit VII

22 Mar 2013 – 31 Mar 2013

Venue: Odin Teatret, Denmark

*Members' Events*

* Theatre laboratory – physical and vocal training creation tools for actors
30 Jan 2012 – 26 Mar 2012
Time: 11.00 – 15.00
Venue: Bethanien, Berlin Kreuzberg

*BIARI 2012
Theater and Civil Society: Politics, Public Space, and Performance
9 Jun 2012 – 23 Jun 2012
Venue: Brown University's Department of Theater, Speech and Dance

*Singingacting : the art of interprétation
Pantheatre Workshop
16 Jul 2012 – 22 Jul 2012
Venue: Roy Hart International Artistic Centre / Southern France

18 Jun 2012 – 6 Jul 2012
Venue: DAH Theatre Research Centre, Belgrade

* Teatro di Nascosto – Hidden Theatre
Da Bagdad in Olanda, From Baghdad to Holland, Van Bagdad naar Nederland
7 Mar 2012 – 10 Mar 2012

* "Gli abitanti di Arlecchinia" di e con Claudia Contin
9 Mar 2012
Time: h. 20.45

*Women in Jalalabad Speak Out Through Theatre
Bond Street Theatre, New York's Pioneer Artistic-Humanitarian Theatre Company, Creates All-Female Theatre Troupes in Afghanistan
31 Mar 2012

*Members' Groups*

Marcia Cruz has offered to help with translation into Portuguese, which is a great offer as we have many members in Brasil (& some in Portugal) as well as festivals happening regularly in Brasil.  Anyone who can translate into Portuguese can go into the Portuguese pages, & select "edit" then translate the text.obrigado marcia, & anyone else who can help

A few people have emailed saying that they cannot log in to the web site anymore; this is because they are trying to log in with their account details from the previous web site.

Since August 2011, you must re-register on the new web site_.
If you had an account for the old Magdalena Project web site, please delete 
your username and password as this site no longer exists.

Also, any links to the Magdalena site with "phpBB2" in the link now go to a redirection page in the new site, instead of the old forums. If you have Magdalena links on your web site that include "phpBB2" in the URL, please update them by linking directly to

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