Job Announcement, Jan 16-24 Arts & Education Program Update

What we do:

• Curate arts public programs that integrate any number of genres, including literature, film, painting, photography, music, comedy, drama etc.

• Publish a monthly calendar of Arab/Middle Eastern events serving Southern California

• Edit a non-partisan monthly online magazine, called the Levantine Review

• Teach language classes, as well as music and dance instruction

• Outreach to mainstream and alternative media with more in-depth and often positive information about Arab/Muslim cultures

• Artist support that nurtures emerging talent

• Artist referrals for those organizing public or private events

• Public relations services for individuals/organizations with a product, service or message intended to reflect, or reach, a Middle Eastern constituency

• Intern program for high school and college students

• Middle East Speakers Bureau that helps groups and institutions bring more in-depth information to their audiences

• Cosponsor/coproduce with select community partners


We are searching for a new Program Manager to help manage public arts and education programs, and work on increasing both contributed and earned income streams. Fundraising and organizing experience a must. For complete job description, email or call 310.657.5511