Journal of Aesthetics and Protest #8

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Grassroots Modernism

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Contributors include : Marc James Léger, Marco Cuevas-Hewitt, Meg Wade, Jaleh Mansoor, Mattias Regan, Victor Tupitsyn, Ron Sakolsky, Gabriel Mindel Salomon, Ian Milliss, Gavin Grindon, Olive McKeon, Sue Bell Yank, Survival Kit Collective, Protest and Stagnation (Austria), Kristopher Flack, Tim Jensen, Libertad Guerra, Luis Guerra, Christopher Lee, Public Laboratory, Ultra-red.

1. introduction

 At its core, issue 8 is concerned with the dynamic tension between autonomy and sociality. We investigate how this tension expressed through cultural work and organizing manifests in forms that can either generate growth, stability, or creative destruction. Instead of ideologically siding with either autonomy or socializing as the proper approach to activate growth, stability or destruction, we focus on the aesthetic and affective conditions that facilitate both resistance and transformation of this bare life which constitutes our worlds.

 Mutate and Multiply.

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 2. Contents

All contents available for free online (cause that's how we do it)

Issue 8 editorial – Editorial
Marc James Léger – Join a Political Group
Marco Cuevas-Hewitt – Towards a Futurology of the Present  Notes on Writing, Movement, and Time

Meg Wade – Grassroots Modernism as Autonomous Ethos and Practice

Jaleh Mansoor – Poetics, Commitment   Ayreen Anastas’s M*Bethlehem and Pasolini Pa Palestine
Mattias Regan – Playing (with) the Impossible  Modernism's Populist Poetics
Victor Tupitsyn – Socialist Modernism and Beyond
Ron Sakolsky – The Surrealist Adventure and the Poetry of Direct Action  Passionate Encounters Between the Chicago Surrealist Group,  the Wobblies and Earth First!
Gabriel Mindel Salomon – The Subjective Object  Or Harry Hay in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction

Ian Milliss – Losing My Self  Some anecdotes about anonymity

Gavin Grindon – Surrealism, Dada and the Refusal of Work Autonomy, Activism and Social Participation in The Radical Avant Garde (originally published in the Oxford Art Journal)

Olive McKeon – Oh What A Mess I've Made On Aesthetics and Political Praxis
Sue Bell Yank – Re-casting Institutional Memory The Slow Breakdown of the Art/Politics Divide
Survival Kit Collective – Survival Kit Collective Arcosantian economics, Biospherian aesthetics: a kit for grassroots ecological projects
Protest and Stagnation – Self-generated Discourse in the Context of the Austrian Student protests of 2009/2010

Kristopher Flack – Anywhere is Everywhere Recaliming Community through production in the Rural Northeast
Tim Jensen – On the Emotional Terrain of Neoliberalism The opposite of despair is not hope, the opposite of depression is not happiness
Libertad Guerra – Uncommon Commonalities Aesthetic Politics of Place in the South Bronx
Luis Guerra – The Bomb Case – An Uncelebratory Task

Christopher Lee – Frontlining Currency Speculative Numismatics” as Antagonistic Graphic Design
Public Laboratory – DIY mapping, Popular Participation Ecological and political monitoring in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond
Ultra Red – Andante Politics Popular Education in the Organizing of Unión de Vecinos

3. Thank You

Long Distance Solidarity to all of you including:
Lex Bhagat, Adam Overton, Andrea Cook, Robby Herbst, Lize Mogel, Cara Baldwin, Hana van der Kolk, Pia Ronicke, Josh Mittleman, Natalie Zimmerman, Michael Wilson, Olga Koumoundoros, Leigh Jerrard, Andrea Bowers, Brett Bloom, Bonnie Fortune, Alessandro Delfanti, Sean Dockray, Fiona Whitton, Ryan Griffis, Sara Harris, Jesse Lerner, Rachel Mayeri, Sigrun Drapatz, Annette Weiser, Chris Mansour, Sam Gould, Dan Wang, Josh McPhee, Dara Greeenwald, Greg Sholette, Micha Cardenas, Nils Norman, Beka Economopolous, Jason Jones, Louis-Georges Schwartz, Alan Minsky, Brian Holmes, Gerald Raunig, Mario Ybarra Jr. Tone Neilsen, Morton Goll, Katarzyna Izabela Winiecka, Jen Angel, Ben Shepard, Stephen Duncombe, Mark Read, Caroly Sorter, Barbara Adams, Irina Contreras, Oliver Hess, Irene Tsatsos, Jenna Didier, Ken Ehrlich, Maj Hasa
ger, Paolo Podrescu/Pod, Fred Portillo, David Solnit, Sam Durant, Matias Viegener, Jen Angel, Yates McKee, A.L. Steiner, John Jordon, Steven L. Anderson, Jessica Fleischmann, Janet Owen Driggs, David Burns, Jules Rochielle, Jules Boykoff, Karin Kuoni, Jiva Mackay, Sarah Clendening, Marc Fischer, Ken Ehrlich,Nathan Brown, Caroline Shepard, Katja Eydel, Kimberly Varella, Salomon Bothwell, Liz Glynn, Katherine Ball, Tom McKenzie, Noah Simblist, Greg Shollete, and Our Writers.

 Shout Outs:
Echo Park Time Bank, Fallen Fruit, Team Colors, The Public School, XLterrestrials, c-base, Signal Galllery, Spector Books, Just Seeds, USC Art School, CalArts, School of Walls and Spaces, San Precario, Occupy Everything, the #Occupy Movement, Serpica Naro, Change You Want to See Gallery, NABA, ZHdK, Trampoline House, Vera List Center for the Arts, Temporary Servics, Red 76, Metabolic Studios, Dumbo Center for the Arts, Outpost Center for the Arts, Merz Accademy, AAAAA, AAAAARG, c-base, The Left Forum, The Fifth Estate, MetaMute, Llano Del Rio Group, Eternal Telethon, Project Gruppe, Right to the City Movement, Aaron Burr Society.

Special Thanks fo Mathis Pfäffli and Markus Dreßen

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